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Any student considering a future in Design & Technical Theatre should look carefully at the offerings in the UA Little Rock Department of Theatre Arts and Dance. Our curriculum follows a Liberal Arts tradition, encouraging students to go beyond excelling at making theatre to a heightened awareness of seeing Design & Technical Theatre as a way of knowing, shaped around exploring various course offerings at the university and using each semester’s production as the material of study. The faculty and staff here in the Department of Theatre Arts and Dance have a reputation for reaching the highest artistic expressions. Each student can be mentored one-to-one by a professional theatre artist helping them to inform their educational future and their career goals.

Design Laboratory

Our Design Laboratory is equipped with: 12 iMac computers, one D-Size printer; a scanner is available for copying portfolio material, and a 3D printer is on site. Each computer has the latest version of Vectorworks (CADD) software. Our design laboratory is not shared with any other department on campus, ensuring scheduling for each theatre and dance student. Classes in IT for Theatre and Dance, Intro to Theatrical Design, Stage Management, Scenic Design, Costume Design, Lighting Design, and Stagecraft all use this classroom. This laboratory provides our students a way to bridge the gap between technology and craft.

Scene Shop

At the UA Little Rock Department of Theatre Arts and Dance, we are fortunate to have a large and well-equipped scene shop where students can learn about many different types of tools and equipment used in the creation of props and scenery. In the scene shop our Technical Director, Joseph Stafford teaches many techniques including traditional woodworking, metalworking, and the manipulation of plastic and foam products. Additionally, we have a 3D printer, which along with 3D design software allows you to design and print props and other specialty items.

Costume Shop

The UA Little Rock Department of Theatre Arts and Dance Costume Shop is located on the second floor above the scene shop with windows for natural light. The scene shop is well equipped with six irons, including a professional iron and a steamer, two 4X8 cutting tables, a 3×6 ironing table, five work tables that hold 14 sewing machines and two sergers, with enough room for every student to have a workstation. We have a separate laundry/dye and airbrush painting room and a wall of fabric storage. With four shows a season including two dance concerts and two theatre productions, Donald Bolinger has plenty of opportunities to teach various skills in costume construction, draping, pattern making, craft work, millinery work, wig styling, fabric painting, dying and cobblery.

Stage Management

This area introduces students to the various responsibilities and communication skills needed in theatre management. Students are provided the opportunity to develop effective management techniques while stage managing in the department.

Scenic Design

At UA Little Rock Department of Theatre Arts and Dance presents Scenic Design as a seamless fusion of space, text, and research. Students can create worlds where characters live, and this requires students to see themselves as a visual artist, learning design elements, sketching, drafting, the history of art, the intricacies of light and shadow, exploring shape and line in architecture, envisioning sculpture in furniture, while expressing emotion with color.

Lighting Design

At UA Little Rock Department of Theatre Arts and Dance presents Lighting Design as a medium that will alter an audience’s emotional experience and compose the environment the actors and dancers live in. Light is a primary design element; it fuses together all aspects of production to unify those elements of the text and score to a more mystical and symbolic aspect.

The entertainment field is the largest employer in the world. The most intense part of expanding your horizons towards a career in Design & Technical Theatre starts with your passion for crafting theatre. To become an effective practitioner in Design & Technical Theatre you must possess a healthy attitude toward learning, making, and a willingness to be inquisitive, inventive and fearless. Design & Technical Theatre is a highly competitive field, whether your interest is in Scenery, Costume, Lighting, Sound or Stage Management; developing those needed skills begins here in the UA Little Rock Department of Theatre Arts and Dance.

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