Student Training

Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Training

UA Little Rock is committed to sustaining an environment free from discrimination and harassment. As part of UA Little Rock’s ongoing and continuous commitment to campus well-being, we are providing an online training program designed to inform participants about sexual harassment, sexual violence and bystander intervention, as well as providing on-campus, local and national resource information. It is our responsibility as a university community to work toward eliminating these types of behaviors and actions, and to do so we must be well informed.

To support these efforts and further our commitment, UA Little Rock has partnered with SafeColleges to provide the online training for our students that will satisfy the federal requirements as mandated by the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2013 (VAWA) and Title IX.

UA Little Rock expects you to complete the training in an effort to increase your knowledge and awareness surrounding this subject.  This training should take approximately 90 minutes to complete. To access this training, you will need a computer with internet access and audio capabilities. If you do not have access to a computer, please utilize the student computer lab located on the first floor of the Ottenheimer Library (LIB 104). If you need assistance with the online training, please contact the Office of Title IX at 501-916-5716. You will need your T-Number for login and must create a password within the training site to complete the training.  You will have the option to return to the training site at a later time if you are unable to complete the courses in one sitting. You will receive reminder emails until the required training is completed. At the conclusion of each training course, you will have the option to print a certificate. All training is tracked and recorded electronically.

This training may be accessed at

Students should complete training module “Sexual Violence Awareness (Campus SaVE Act for Students), Title IX Rights and Protections, Title IX Policy and Website Review.” In addition to this training, there are other optional courses available for students that may be taken by accessing “Extra Training”. Other optional student courses include:

  • Bystander Intervention for Students
  • Diversity Awareness for Students
  • Alcohol Awareness for Students
  • Drug Awareness and Abuse
  • Intimate Partner Violence (VAWA)
  • Active Shooter Preparedness for Students
  • Health and Safety Awareness on Campus

Students are expected to read and acknowledge through the online training module, the university’s Title IX Policy and Website. The Title IX website provides resources, contact information and an online incident reporting option. This training module is automatically assigned through the online training program and the system-generated emails will be sent to all students until assignments are completed.