Trojan Touchstones

In April 2015, faculty and staff at UALR selected five common values that we felt defined our university. The five values are referred to as Trojan Touchstones.


Purpose Statement

We add value through high-quality education by making student success our first priority.    



Developing and exchanging expertise and experiences to foster growth.

Our understanding of the student must extend far beyond the boundaries of traditional student experiences.



Designing and implementing creative ideas and solutions aligned with UALR’s purpose.

The processes and policies we design are the foundation of the student experiences we will eventually deliver.


Collaborating to create an environment for passionate learning and discovery.

UALR must cultivate excellent faculty and staff experiences with the same intentionality as we do for students.


Affording resources and opportunities for success for all. 

Excellent student experiences, though carefully architected through policies and processes, should look simplified and personalized to the student.


Treating every member of the Trojan community like a VIP and honoring their diversity.

The extent to which UALR demonstrates genuine care and concern for faculty and staff is the extent to which faculty and staff will care for our students–and each other.

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