Request for Position
Complete the form to request UALRworks positions for your department/office. This is not a guarantee that you will receive a UALRworks position. The Request for Position form is now closed and will reopen Spring 2018.

Job Ad Submission Form
Once you have been awarded a position, complete the form to submit your job ad. If the location the student will be working at is not on the UALR main campus, please make sure to mention that in the job ad.

Hiring Form
Once you have decided on a student to hire you will need to complete the Hiring Form. This form will provide the information needed for UALRworks to complete the EPAF.

Performance Improvement Plan

UALRworks Student Termination Form
Complete the form when you terminate a UALRworks worker for any reason.

UALRworks Manager’s Workshop Presentation
Information for managers presented at the Manager’s Workshop on Monday, July 13, 2015.

UALRworks Rubric
All UALRworks workers are graded on their work performance. We ask that managers evaluate the worker’s work performance using the rubric provided around the midterm and the end of each semester.

Student Transfer Form

Student Request Form