Blanket Purchase Order Release

This is the standard form used by UA Little Rock employees to authorize payment of invoices on a blanket purchase order. All invoices for a blanket purchase order must be matched with a purchase order release before they are entered into the BANNER system. If accounts payable receives a blanket order invoice, they will route the invoice back to the department. The department will attach this release form to the invoice and route back to accounts payable for data entry.

Please call Financial Services – Accounts Payable at 501-916-3318 for assistance with this form or if you have other questions.

Blanket Purchase Order Release

VENDOR: The name of the vendor on the purchase order and invoice.

BLANKET PO NUMBER: The purchase order number the invoices are to be paid against.

QUANTITY: (Optional) Usually used to indicate the number of invoices attached.

DESCRIPTION: (Varied use) This line can be used to indicate any of the following:

  1. Which line items on the blanket purchase order are to be paid for.
  2. Invoice numbers of the invoices attached.
  3. Instructions to accounts payable posting the invoice.
  4. A description of the item.
  5. General notes for the department’s purposes.

TOTAL COST: The approved amount of this line of the PO Release.

TOTAL: The total dollar amount of all invoices approved to be paid.

SIGNATURE: Signature authorizing payment of the invoices.

DATE: Date the form was completed.