Travel Advance Agreement

Travel advances may be made in amounts not to exceed 50% of the total anticipated eligible travel expenses, not including those expenses that are direct billed to the agency or charged on a university travel card. The minimum travel advance is $100.

Travel advances for student/client/group activities as defined by A.C.A. §19-4-904(d) may be made for 90% of the anticipated eligible expenses that are not to be direct billed to the university, with approval by the associate vice chancellor for finance.

Form and Printed Instructions


  1. The traveler must enter their name in the first line of the agreement acknowledging the receipt of the advance.
  2. Enter the requested amount of the advance of funds. This may not include any expenses that can be prepaid or charged to a travel card.
  3. Enter the dates of travel the advance will cover. The approved advanced funds will be issued to the traveler within three (3) days of the official travel.
  4. Sign the Travel Advance Agreement agreeing to the terms and conditions of the agreement. Include your T#, email, phone number, and traveler’s department.


The Travel Advance Agreement should be completed by the traveler at the time a Request for Travel Authorization (TA) form is completed. The TA and TAA should be submitted together to Procurement Services via the Travel Document Submission portal on the Travel website.


Procurement Services – 501-916-3144 or

Accounts Payable – Lanita Shepherd (501-916-5745 or

Cashier’s Office – Darlene Bunt (501-569-8756 or