Workday Updates for End of Year 2020!

Payslips are now available to view in Workday 5 days before each pay date – click the Pay application on your Workday homepage to access payslips. As a reminder, the December end-of-month pay date is December 23.

Minimum Wage Increase!

Minimum wage increases to $11.00 an hour effective January 1, 2021. Please make sure you are submitting this new wage increase correctly when hiring hourly employees.

If you have already submitted hires without this increase HR will return the task for correction to ensure the appropriate approvals are documented on the task. This will make managers aware of the change for any budgeting purposes.

Pre-hire Records!

It is extremely important not to create a Pre-hire record in Workday.

  • HR will create the pre-hire record in Workday. Departments SHOULD NOT create any pre-hire records as doing so may cause duplicate records and errors.
  • Duplicate records take multiple teams to correct and will result in delayed access to Workday for your employee.
  • The pre-hire request form.

Opting into Paperless W-2

Receiving Your 2021 W-2 in Workday

  • In 2021, you will be receiving your W-2 electronically through Workday. Workday’s secure cloud server and multi-factor authentication process for access ensures that your sensitive information is protected, all while providing quick and easy access to your W-2.

Electing to Receive a Secondary, Paper W-2

  • You may also elect to receive a secondary copy of your W-2 in paper form, delivered through U.S. Mail. This copy will arrive after your electronic copy is available.
  • The UA System recommends electing electronic copy only, as paper W-2s delivered in the mail could result in the loss, theft, or otherwise compromised of your information.

Make Elections by January 15!

  • The final day to elect electronic only or electronic and mailed copies of W-2s is January 15.
  • If no action is taken by January 15, you will receive both an electronic and a mailed copy.
  • If electing to receive a mailed copy, January 15 is also the deadline to change the address which the W-2 will be sent to.
  • This quick reference guide details how to make elections and confirm mailing addresses.
  • Alternatively, the inbox item ‘Opt-In to Paperless W-2’ will also direct you on how to complete your election.
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