Certificate in Workplace Spanish

Our Certificate in Workplace Spanish (CP Spanish) is designed for students to develop a strong working foundation in the Spanish language and Hispanic cultures. Upon completing the Certificate, students will be able to converse and communicate at an intermediate level in Spanish (as defined by the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines 2012) and will have the practical skills, knowledge, and resources to use Spanish effectively and ethically in the twenty-first century workplace.

Students with no previous experience with Spanish must complete the following two prerequisites before taking SPAN 2311 Intermediate Spanish: SPAN 1311 Elementary Spanish 1 and SPAN 1312 Elementary Spanish 2. SPAN 1311, 1312 and 2311 must be taken in sequence one term at a time.

# Credit Hours    Course Number & Title     

3                   SPAN 2311 (Intermediate Spanish I) or equivalent proficiency

3                   SPAN 3313 (Conversation and Presentation)

3                   SPAN 3314 (Writing for Spanish)

3                   SPAN 3315 (Translation Studies)

3                   SPAN 3xxx (3000-level course elective)


15 hours TOTAL

To declare a Certificate in Workplace Spanish, contact your adviser and then reach out to Dr. Andrew Deiser, Chair of World Languages, at 916-3272 or ajdeiser@ualr.edu.