French is spoken across five continents in 55 countries by more than 200 million people. The benefits of learning French are numerous:Daniel Davis at Eiffel Tower

  • It opens the doors to art, music, fashion, food, architecture, and literature.
  • Explore the cultures of France, Canada, Belgium, Morocco, Senegal, the Ivory Coast, and the French West Indies with your French language skills.
  • French will allow you to be more competitive in the national and international job market in such fields as business, medicine, aviation, law and transportation and companies like IBM, Dow, Ford, Coca-Cola, Dassault Falcon Jet, L’Oréal, and Mattel.
  • French is the official working language of the UN, NATO, UNESCO, the International Red Cross, and the European Union.

Our courses provide students the opportunity to perfect skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking. Students have the option of studying literature, the culture of France and the Francophone world, cinema, and coursework leading to teaching French at the secondary level.

French Faculty

Rosalie Cheatham

Zac Hagins

French Programs of Study at UA Little Rock

A major in French (BA degree) consists of 30 credit hours above the 1000 level, with at least 9 credit hours at the 4000-level. A minor requires 21 credit hours above the 1000 level. An Honors Program in French is also available. Please refer to the UA Little Rock Undergraduate Catalog for descriptions of the French major and French minor programs.

The chart below illustrates how to achieve a teaching license with a major in French.

French Major: FREN-BA (30 Credits)
3 cr. FREN 2311 Intermediate French
12-15 cr. Communications:

  • FREN 3310 Integrated Skills I
  • FREN 3311 Integrated Skills II
  • FREN 3312 Integrated Skils III
  • FREN 2315 Intermediate Conversational French or FREN 3115, 3116, 3117 Advanced Conversation
3-9 cr. Cultures:

  • FREN 3334 French Culture & Civilization I
  • FREN 3335 French Culture & Civilization II
  • FRENCH 3336 Francophone Cultures
3-9 cr. Comparisons and Communities:

  • FREN 3316 French Pronunciation
  • FREN 4316 Adv. Listening and Pronunciation
  • FREN 4141, 4142, 4143 French Practicum
  • FREN 4350 Senior Project
  • LANG 3390 Study Abroad
3-9 cr. Connections:

  • FREN 3321 Short Stories
  • FREN 3332 Introduction to Literature
  • FREN 3333 Selected Readings in French Literature
  • FREN 4331 Writings: Historical Perspective
  • FREN 4341 Writings: Modern Perspective
  • FREN 4351 French Cinema
  • FREN 4361, 4262 Seminar in French Literature
30 cr.
**French Major with Teaching License:
FRENS-BA + SCED minor (30+12+18 cr.)
Complete the French BA (30 cr., above) and the following two blocks of courses
Second Language Education Courses
3 cr. LANG 4322 Methods of Teaching 2nd Languages
3 cr. LANG 4323 2nd Language Acquisition
3 cr. LANG 4324 Teaching People of Other Cultures
3 cr. LANG 4325 Second Language Assessment
12 cr.
Secondary Education Minor
(18 cr., plus Praxis I and II Exams)
Block I
(3 cr.)
SCED 3210 Instructional Skills & Assessment
SCED 3110 Instructional Skills Practicum
Block II
(6 cr.)
SCED 4321 Teaching Diverse Adolescents
SCED 4122 Adolescent Diversity Practicum
SCED 4123 Adolescents with Special Needs
SCED 4124 Classroom Management
Block III
(9 cr.)
TCED 4600 Student Teaching
SCED 4330 Reflective Teaching
18 cr.
Recommended: a minor in a subject taught in secondary schools
18-24 cr. Depends on field

∗∗ An official ACTRL-certified Oral Proficiency Interview is required for all students seeking teacher licensure in French or Spanish. Certification at the Advanced-low oral proficiency level is encouraged.