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Why study Spanish at UALR?

  •      Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the world.
  •      Spanish is spoken in thirty-one countries and by almost 400 million people worldwide.
  •      In the United States, over 52 million people speak Spanish.
  •      Arkansas has the second fastest growing Latino population in the United States, and 17% of this population lives in Central Arkansas.
  •      Proficiency in Spanish and a nuanced understanding of Latino cultures are increasingly critical and marketable skills in a number of service professions in Central Arkansas.
  •      Seven per cent of UALR’s study body is Latino, and the Spanish program has an outstanding accelerated major for heritage speakers.
  •      UALR is located in the heart of culturally diverse Little Rock, and the Mexican Consulate—which serves Arkansas, Mississippi and Oklahoma—is located right across the street from campus.
  •      Our Spanish program has a number of community partners that provide our students with opportunities for service learning, volunteering, and internships
  •      With Spanish, you can easily study, travel, live and work abroad in Spain and Latin America.
  •      Hispanic and Latino cultures are among the oldest and most culturally diverse in the world.  We think that Hispanic literatures, film, histories, and arts are also among the most beautiful and fascinating!
  •     UALR’s Spanish faculty members take great joy in teaching and mentoring UALR’s diverse students and work at cultivating a vibrant, supportive learning community.

Spanish Faculty

Programs of Study in Spanish at UALR