Personal Items

In order to minimize clutter and congestion around computers, clients are encouraged to leave their books and backpacks in the designated spaces. Only the actual materials needed to write and valuables (purses, wallets, etc.) should be taken to the computers.

Computer Use

Do not add or remove software or other programs from UWC computers without checking with staff before. Clients taking more than a very brief break (to the bathroom, for example) should relinquish their machines. Although this policy should be enforced at all times, it is especially important that we do so during “peak use” time when the demand for machines is great.


Clients may print up to 10 pages per visit. If more pages need to be printed, the library printers should be used. If you need assistance with any computer or printing related issue, please ask the writing center staff.


Clients should go outside if they need to use their phones. Phones should be silenced during conferences. Clients and staff are not to use the UWC front desk phone for personal calls unless it is an emergency.