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8:00–8:30 a.m.

Registration and Breakfast

Ledbetter Foyer in Donaghey Student Center (DSC)

8:00 a.m. Book Exhibits OPEN DSC 214: Ledbetter A

8:30–8:50 a.m.

Opening Session: Navigating the Roads of Composition

Sherry Rankins-Robertson, University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR) Host, Conference Co-Chair
Carey Smitherman, University of Central Arkansas (UCA) Host, Conference Co-Chair

DSC 214: Ledbetter Hall A, B & C

9:00–9:50 a.m.

Session Topic: Teaching with Technology

“Digital Literacy and the Multimodal Writing Assignment” ~ Bryant Lytle, UALR and John Havel, UALR

“The Crossroads Where Composition Joins Community” ~ James Steed, UALR

DSC 205G

“Teachers Teaching Teachers: Local Affiliations of the National Writing Project”

Heather Hummel, Little Rock Writing Project
Laura Bowles, Great Bear Writing Project

DSC 201R

“Confronting the Composition/Literature Divide in a Two-Year College English Department”

Laura Govia, Pulaski Technical College (PTC)
Lea Clyburn, PTC

DSC 201A

10:00–10:50 a.m.  Snacks Available DSC 214: Ledbetter Hall A, B & C


Session Topic: Praxis of Composition Pedagogies

“Dude Where’s My App: Writing the Toulmin Proposal” ~ Melvin Beavers, UALR
“Critical Perspectives: Using Critical Pedagogy to Help Students Identify Themselves as Writers” ~ Gretchen Cobb, UALR

DSC 205G

“Promoting an Academic Code through Code-Meshing: Immersion or Grammar Teaching”

Jarod Daily, UALR
Jeremy Ecke, UALR
Michael Kleine, UALR

DSC 201R

Session Topic: Identities in the Classroom
“My Name is Endeavor: The Critical Role of Empathetic Instruction” ~ Christi Gravett, UCA
“Avoiding Sledgehammers and Targets: Strategies for Compassionate Teaching” ~ Catherine Crisp, UALR
Respondent: Dr. Barbara L’Eplattenier, UALR

DSC 201A

11:00–11:50 a.m.

“Teaching Co-Requisite Writing Classes”

Elaine Corum, UCA
Steve Lance, UCA
Edwina Smith, UCA

DSC 201A

“Building a Crosswalk at the Intersection of Writing Center Road and Composition Classroom Avenue”

Kelsie Walker, UALR
Anna Waller, UALR

DSC 201R

“Designing Composition Assignments with Tech Tools”

Dona Bailey, UALR
Betty Freeland, UALR
Joshua Johnson, Maumelle High School/ UALR Concurrent

DSC 205G

“MindTap and Learning Apps: Engaging Students in Rhetorical Knowledge”

Cengage Learning

DSC 205D

12:00 p.m.

Lunch Begins

DSC 214: Ledbetter Hall A, B & C


12:15–1:20 p.m.

Introduction of Dr. Lunsford ~ Dr. Rod Taylor

Keynote Address: “What is Writing and How Should We Teach It?”  Dr. Andrea Lunsford

DSC 214: Ledbetter Hall A, B & C

1:30–2:20 p.m.

“Collaboration: First-Year Writing Contest With Residential Colleges”

Cokey Allen, UCA
Sophie Dix, UCA

DSC 201R

“Building Communities through ‘LinCed’ Learning”

Jonathan Purkiss, PTC
Sarah Clements, PTC

DSC 201A

“Open Campuses, Open Futures: Creatively Rebuilding an Effective Basic Writing Program”

Jennifer Atkins-Gordeeva, UALR
Sue Bowling, UALR
Heather Hummel, UALR
Mary Ellen Kubit, UALR
JoAnne Liebman Matson, UALR

DSC 205G

“Using Pearson Writer to Explore Critical Thinking, Reading and Writing”

Pearson Higher Education

DSC 205D

2:30-3:20 p.m.

Session Topic: Writing and Learning Disabilities

“Breaking the Silence: Intersecting Ability and Disability in the Writing Center” ~ Lanette Grate, UCA and Lyren Grate, UCA
“The Learning Disabled Writer” ~ Madison Hedrick, UALR

DSC 201A

Roundtable: Meet the Editors

  • Quills and Pixels with Dr. Charles Anderson (UALR)

  • Equinox with Heather Haile (UALR)

  • The Toad Suck Review with Dr. John Vanderslice (UCA)

  • Milestones with Leslie Lovenstein (PTC)

  • WPA Journal with Dr. Barbara L’Eplattenier (Council of Writing Program Administrators)

DSC 214: Ledbetter Hall B & C

Session Topic: Teaching and Assessing with the Writing Program Administrators Outcomes Statement

“With the WPA Outcomes Statement in Mind: How We Design Assignments” ~ Jenny Crelia, UALR and Bethany May, UALR
“So How Are We Doing? Programmatic Assessment with the WPA OS” ~ Sherry Rankins-Robertson, UALR and Carey Smitherman, UCA

DSC 205D

Session Topic: AP, Concurrent, and Composition: Bridging the Rhetorical Divide through Digital Tools for 21st Century Literacy
“Minding the Gap: Teaching AP English and Composition for  Concurrent Credit” ~ Tara Seale, Bryant Public School District/ UALR Concurrent/NCTE
“Rhetorical Actions on Facebook: Using Social Media to Teach Digital Rhetoric” ~ Jodi Whitehurst, UALR

DSC 205G

3:30–4:15 p.m.

“Composition in the Community: Showcasing Student Writers on Tales From the South

Paula Martin Morell, Executive Producer and Host of Tales from the South

DSC 214:Ledbetter Hall  B & C

(Snacks Available)

4:15-4:30 p.m. Closing Session

Sherry Rankins-Robertson, UALR, Conference Co-Chair
Carey Smitherman, UCA, Conference Co-Chair
DSC 214: Ledbetter Hall  A, B & C
4:30 p.m. Book Exhibits CLOSE  DSC 214: Ledbetter A

4:30-6:00 p.m.

Composition Conference Social Hour 

Cantina Laredo:       207 North University, Ste. 130