Erin Finzer

I tell new undergraduate students not to be afraid to follow what they feel passionate about.

Erin Finzer, Assistant Professor of Spanish, Chair of Department of World Languages

Years at UALR: 5

Education: BA from Sewanee in 2000; MA and PhD from Kansas University, 2004 and 2008

What do you love about being a professor? I love teaching our hard-working students at UALR. Most of our students make big sacrifices to be able to continue their education, and I am always inspired by them.

What areas in your field interest you the most? Gender and ethnic issues in contemporary Latin American literature and culture. I also love poetry and film.

What are you researching currently? My current research is on female intellectuals throughout the Americas who promoted conservation and environmental justice through their writing and activism during the early twentieth century.

What book or person has had the most impact on your career and why? When I was 17 I began reading the translated testimonial poetry of Salvadoran-Nicaraguan poet, Claribel Alegría. I pursued Spanish as a major in college so that I could read her poetry in Spanish. Her childhood recollections helped me in my doctoral research, which was about Central American female poets from her mother’s generation. Claribel is now a friend whose work opened my life to Latin American literature and culture.

What do you like to do in your free time? Spending time with my daughters and English Springer Spaniels, cooking with my husband, simple sewing projects, hiking, reading for pleasure

What one bit of advice do you give new students? I tell new undergraduate students not to be afraid to follow what they feel passionate about.

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