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UALR United Way Campaign

The University of Arkansas at Little Rock 2016 Heart of Arkansas United Way campaign will run Dec. 5-20.

The campaign will support local health and human service agencies, such as the UALR Children’s International Future Smiles Dental Clinic, Ronald McDonald House, American Red Cross, Our House, and the Arkansas Foodbank, that rely on United Way funds to carry out their missions.

Last year, United Way raised over $4 million dollars to help hungry Arkansans, low-income seniors, disadvantaged youth, families-in-crisis, survivors of domestic violence, and many others.

Contributions to the 2016-17 United Way campaign ensure services that touch close to one of every three lives in the community.

To make a donation to this year’s campaign, print and complete the UALR Employee Pledge Card. Then send the pledge card via campus mail to: Angelita Faller, Office of Communications and Marketing.

For more information about the Heart of Arkansas United Way, visit the United Way website or check out the 2016 United Way workplace brochure.

For questions regarding the UALR United Way campaign, please contact Angelita Faller at 501.907.9320 or amfaller@ualr.edu.

John Talburt

John Talburt

Find a career field that you enjoy so much you will be excited about going to work every day.

John R. Talburt, Professor of Information Science

Years at UALR
12 years, 1983-1995, Professor of Computer Science (7 years as chair)
9 year, 2005-Present, Professor of Information Science

PhD, MS in Mathematics, U of A, Fayetteville

What do you love about being a professor?
The daily interaction with enthusiastic students, seeing them learn and mature, and go on to establish their careers. I also enjoy the freedom to pursue research and learn new concepts and technologies.

What areas in your field interest you the most?
I am interested in entity and identity resolution and its practical application to master data management and data integration.

What are you researching currently?
How to extend entity resolution and entity identity information management into the new world of Big Data and unstructured data using new tools such as Hadoop distributed processing and NoSQL data storage systems.

What book or person has had the most impact on you and why?
Dr. Rich Wang, the Director of the MIT Information Quality program, was the person who introduced me to opportunities in the field of information quality, and he continues to be a colleague and mentor.

What do you like to do in your free time?
I enjoy traveling and cooking. I used to be active in woodworking and a member of the Arkansas Craft Guild and hope to get back doing this again soon.

What one bit of advice do you give your new students?
Find a career field that you enjoy so much you will be excited about going to work every day.