Greg Shufeldt

“Decisions are made by those that show up.”

Gregory Shufeldt | Assistant Professor of Political Science | At UALR since 2014

Gregory Shufeldt

Remember the name Dr. Gregory Shufeldt. Come election season, this assistant professor will be in high demand to give his expert take on American Politics and campaigns. It’s all in a day’s work for Shufeldt, who is fiercely passionate about figuring out how democracy works, particularly at the local level.


  • Ph.D and M.A. from the University of Notre Dame
  • B.S.S.W. and M.S.W. from Saint Louis University

What do you love about being a professor?

Getting to work with students is the best part of my job. I enjoy helping them learn how American government works, and I enjoy learning from them. The most rewarding part of my job is seeing students get interested in politics and trying to make a difference.

What areas in your field interest you the most?

My focus within political science is American Politics. I’m most interested in state and local politics, specifically political parties, campaigns, and elections.

What are you researching currently?

My research is currently focused on the conceptualization, measurement, and normative implications of the quality of democracy in the American States. More plainly, I am focusing on the politics of location.

What are the consequences of living in a place where elections and control for government are competitive or not?

What book or person has had the most impact on you and why?

I was born and raised in Springfield, Illinois, the town where Abraham Lincoln spent his formative years before becoming President. I visited all of the sites as child, learned all about him in school – just like how many of our students here at UALR have learned about President Bill Clinton.

Lincoln has shaped my sense of justice, equality, perseverance, and friendship. Lincoln has played such a pivotal role in my life that I even gave all of my groomsmen at my wedding a copy of the book, We are Lincoln Men by David Herbert Donald.

What do you like to do in your free time?

My wife and I are enjoying exploring Little Rock. We enjoy spending time with new friends, getting to check out the many restaurants, sights, and attractions that a growing metropolitan area, like Little Rock, has to offer. When we need a break, we enjoy lounging at home with our two dogs, British and Riley.

What one bit of advice do you give your new students?

Decisions are made by those that show up. If you want to make a difference in your community, if you want to fight for social change, if you want to be heard – you need to vote and participate in the process.

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