College of Arts, Letters, & Sciences

Fine Arts, Suite 210, (501) 569-3296, Website


Professor Shearle Furnish, Dean

Professor Tito Viswanathan, Associate Dean for Graduate Studies

By melding the classic arts and letters disciplines with science programs, the College of Arts, Letters, and Sciences is the academic centerpiece of the campus. There are 139 faculty and 40 staff members in the 11 academic areas of the new college, which include:

  • Art
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • English
  • History
  • International Studies and Second Languages
  • Mathematics and Statistics
  • Music
  • Theatre and Dance
  • Philosophy and Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Physics
Program Certificate or Degree Program Department/School
Art Master’s (M.A.) Art
Public History Master’s (M.A.) History
Interdisciplinary Studies Master’s (M.A.) Interdisciplinary
Second Languages Master’s (M.A.) International and Second Languages
Applied Science Master’s (M.S.) Interdisciplinary
Applied Science Doctorate (Ph.D.) Interdisciplinary
Applied Statistics Certificate Mathematics and Statistics
Biology Master’s (M.S.) Master’s (M.A.) Biology
Chemistry Master’s (M.S.) Master’s (M.A.) Chemistry
Mathematical Sciences Master’s (M.S.) Mathematics and Statistics