Public Computer and Internet Use

The UALR/Pulaski County Law Library provides electronic resources, including Internet access, as one means of fulfilling our mission to provide legal information services to members of the legal community and citizens of Pulaski County.

The public access computers are for the use of attorneys, law clerks and paralegals performing research for attorneys, the general public and students from other institutions. These computers are for legal research purposes or for access to electronic materials available through the Federal Depository program. These computers are not to be used for word processing, e-mail, chat or surfing the Internet. UALR Law School students should use the Law Library computer labs for law school related work.

By logging in to the library computers, users agree to abide by the terms of this policy. Users will be asked to relinquish the computer for uses inconsistent with this policy.

Users must obtain permission to use the computers at the Circulation Desk. A library staff member will log each user in. Users are requested to limit research to thirty minutes if others are waiting to use the computers. Limited assistance with the use of the public access computers is available during posted reference hours.

Individuals are expected to use these resources in an appropriate and responsible manner. The library does not vouch for the accuracy, currency or legal research value of information available via the Internet. Users must exercise their own judgment and discretion in accessing and evaluating the information. The library selects and catalogs Internet sites that it feels are valuable resources for all library users. These sites can be accessed through THEMIS, the online catalog, at any public computer. For legal advice, you should consult an attorney.

The library does not use any filtering software to prevent access to web sites with no legal research or educational value. Use of the Internet by a minor is the responsibility of the minor’s parent or legal guardian.

The following are not acceptable uses of the computers and/or software:

  • copying, modifying or deleting system facilities or files
  • interfering with computer or network access
  • using the resources for commercial purposes
  • using the equipment or software for illegal purposes, including, but not limited to, violating United States copyright law, or violating Ark. Code Ann. §5-68-205.

The library charges 20¢ per page for copies. A divorce form packet may be printed for $5. Please pick up and pay for copies at the Circulation Desk. Users are expected to pay by cash or check at the time of transaction.

This policy is subject to amendment at any time.