About the Library

The UALR William H. Bowen School of Law Library is the place to study, borrow study materials, perform your research, and get research assistance. All research materials, books, and study materials are available for use within the library, as are all databases and electronic services.

While the codes, statutes, reporters, digests, reporters and other research related materials may not be borrowed, most books, government documents, and audio and video materials may be borrowed by students, faculty, staff, and attorneys. For more information please read through the library’s Circulation Policy.

If you are a Bowen student or faculty member, you’ll find all the study space, resources, and research assistance you need. The library also has two computer labs, printers on every floor, copiers on three floors, and a book scanner that will save your print research to a pdf file on a USB drive.

If you are an attorney, the library can provide you with practice resources, form books, and research assistance, including access to electronic databases. There is also a private carrel that you can borrow for research. Attorneys have access to a printer if you are using one of the library computers. You also have access to the copiers and the book scanner. The library also provides a document delivery service and access to interlibrary loan for attorneys.

If you are a member of the public, the library provides legal research access as well as form books for your use. The librarians can help you with your research, but they cannot give legal advice or assist you with completing your forms. Members of the public may not borrow any books or items from the library, but there are computers provided for your research needs. You have to the copiers and the book scanner as well as to a printer if you are using one of the library’s computers. In most cases, you will be able to copy what you need and take it with you.


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