Prisoner Requests

The UALR/Pulaski County Law Library collection consists only of legal materials. Any general reference questions should be sent to another library.

UALR/Pulaski County Law Library personnel may not perform actual legal research for any patrons. Services to prisoners are limited to providing photocopies of requested materials, where the exact citations are furnished by the patron. No effort is made to correct citations in the event that an incorrect citation is furnished. Citations must include the title of the book, the volume number, and the page numbers; if a statute is requested we need the name of the state, the chapter or title of the section and a section number. Additional information such as names of parties or dates is helpful. Prisoners should seek to fill their requests from materials at their institution’s library before placing requests with the UALR/Pulaski County Law Library.

After the request is received, the library staff will count the number of pages and return the request to the patron quoting the charges for the materials requested. Upon receipt of a certified check or money order, materials will be copied and shipped. Payment by cash through the mail is not recommended. Payment by any other type of check will result in a delay in providing the materials until the check is deposited and clears the bank.

Costs for copies for prisoners are the same as for any other regular document delivery request, and the requests are handled in the regular flow of document delivery, except for the prepayment requirements. All copies to prisoners will be mailed through the United States Postal Service.