Reference Service

Reference services are available Monday – Friday from 9 am until 8 pm.

The following resources may be helpful if you need assistance when the library is closed:

Please call the Reference Desk at 501-916-5496 for assistance or use this form to make a reference request:

Reference Request Form

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The Reference Desk is located in the Law Library reading room on the first floor. Reference librarians are available to answer basic questions and to help you locate materials. Hours vary by semester. While librarians are prohibited from giving legal advice or interpreting legal materials, other types of assistance are available. Reference librarians may:

  • help library users locate Law Library resources and materials
  • instruct in the use of electronic resources such as the online catalog
  • help you figure out legal citations
  • suggest appropriate sources and research strategies
  • refer users to other libraries or institutions when needed

Some questions are best researched in the law library. We may ask you to come to the law library to pursue your research here.