Archive Collection Content

The law library’s archive collection contains:

  • Law School archives. The library collects non-confidential print and media material concerning the law school.
  • Several small manuscript collections, primarily those of individuals such as former deans and former law librarians, who have papers and artifacts concerning the history of the law school or its predecessor institutions. At present we have the following small manuscript collections:
    • Ruth H. Brunson Papers, the law school’s first librarian.
    • Murray O. Reed Papers, former Pulaski County Chancellor.
    • William O. Nash Papers, former Assistant Dean, Arkansas Law School.
    • University of Arkansas Department of Law, Bowen’s predecessor institution.
    • Arkansas Law School, Bowen’s predecessor institution.
    • University of Arkansas School of Law, Little Rock Division Papers.
    • W. Harold Flowers Law Society, a small Arkansas bar association.
  • Arkansas Territorial Briefs And Records, 1809 through June, 1836. We acquired the Arkansas territorial court files in 1993. Profressor Lynn Foster is transcribing and digitizing the 212 territorial files.  Contact us about accessing digitized records.
  • Arkansas Supreme Court Briefs And Records consists of the record and briefs of the following categories of Arkansas cases: civil, 1836-1926, and criminal, 1836-1963. The library acquired this collection in 1993 as an open collection. Some files are missing from the collection because they were never received by our library.