Study Areas

Library users will find numerous study areas throughout the library. There are tables, open carrels, sofas and easy chairs for the use of all library patrons. Our limited access spaces include closed carrels, conference rooms and group study rooms.

Open Carrels

The library has open carrels available for use by first year law students. Students may request a carrel by completing an application online.  Applications must be received no later than the first Friday of the semester. One student will be assigned per carrel, and assignments are for the first two semesters.

Closed Carrels

Closed carrels are available to law students, attorneys and judges. They may be reserved by completing an application online. Law students may occupy carrels for a semester. Law students will not be assigned to private carrels; however, students may request preferred carrel mates.

Law students are eligible to apply for a carrel if they are:

  • completing a project that fulfills the upper level writing requirement;
  • Law Review students who are working on a journal project; or
  • UALR law graduates studying for the Arkansas bar exam.

Group Study and Conference Room

The library has ten conference rooms which may be reserved for the purposes of legal research or law school class work. These rooms can be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis no more than 24 hours in advance. Reservations can be made in any one of the following ways:

The library will hold room reservations for 15 minutes after the scheduled time. After that, the absent group’s reservation will be cancelled.

While most conference rooms are designated for group use only, three are also available for individual study.

The rooms may be reserved for up to 3 hours, but may not be continuously reserved in advance by members of the same study group. Groups may extend for another 3 hour period at the end of their time if no one else has reserved the room.

Revised January 14, 2014