Requesting Items

Take the item and your library card to the Circulation Desk. You can get a library card by completing an application and supplying your Arkansas Bar number.

How long can I keep the item? Two weeks. You may renew them for an additional two weeks. Call the Circulation Desk at 501-916-5453.

Is there a limit on how many items I can borrow at one time? Yes. The limit is 25 items.

Check with the Reference Desk to see if the material is available from another source (perhaps online, or another print publication).  You may visit the Reference Desk in the library or you may call 501-916-5496.

If the library owns the item, and it is already borrowed by someone else, you may request the item by placing a hold on it.  You may do that by:

  • Visiting the Circulation Desk in the library
  • Calling the Circulation Desk at 501-916-5453

If you need the item immediately, you may place a recall on the item.  Once the lending period has ended, the library will request that the item be returned within a week.  Place a recall by visiting the Circulation Desk or by calling 501-916-5453.

You may also request the library obtain the material from another library.

If you put a hold on an item, place a recall on it, or request it from another library, we will contact you when the material arrives.