Faculty Liaison Program

The Law Library has a Faculty Liaison Program to help you easily access the Library’s services. This program assigns one librarian as a liaison to each full-time faculty member and teaching administrator. The liaison is that professor’s main point of contact with the Library. If you have any questions regarding a library service contact your liaison first. Even if your liaison does not provide the requested service herself, she will be able to forward your request to the appropriate person in the Library and help ensure you receive the service you need.

Faculty Liaison Assignments

Professor Melissa Serfass Professor Jeff Woodmansee
Anastasia Boles
Terrence Cain
Michael Flannery
Lindsey Gustafson
George Mader
Robert Minarcin
Phillip Oliver
Ranko Oliver
Joshua Silverstein
Tom Sullivan
Annabelle Imber Tuck
Kimberly Vu-Dinh
Terri Beiner
John DiPippa
Rejena Grotjohn
Nick Kahn-Fogel
Beth Levi
Alicia Mitchell
Kelly Browe Olson
Suzanne Penn
andre douglas pond cummings
Amy Pritchard
Diana Snyder
Robert Steinbuch
Kelly Terry
Christopher Trudeau