Undergraduate Catalog

The Undergraduate Catalog is an official publication of UALR, revised annually and published in August each year. It provides information about degree programs, course offerings, and academic regulations that affect undergraduate students. There are separate catalogs for UALR’s graduate and law programs.

The online version of the catalog will be updated when substantive mistakes are identified or course changes are approved so that students have the most current information available.Undergraduate Catalog 15-16-final Cover

Please note: The printed version, which is the same as the Adobe PDF available on this page, is used to determine graduation requirements. You may download the Adobe PDF version of the entire 2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog or select from the list on the left to view individual sections.

Copies of previous catalogs may be found on the catalog archive webpage and in the Office of Records and Registration for reference purposes only.

The Catalog provides you with background information about the university and programs that are available. You will also find other important information to assist you. The rest of the catalog is arranged by colleges and then departments or divisions within each college. Each of these sections describes the requirements for a major or a minor in that area, as well as all the courses the department offers. Most courses are scheduled at least once every two years. The section titled “Interdisciplinary Studies” describes degrees that involve work in more than one department or college.

The beginning chapters are arranged to help you find what you need as you progress through your journey at UALR.