Extended Programs

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Robin Smith

Assistant Dean/Director of Online and Off-Campus Programs:
Donna Rae Eldridge

Director of UALR Benton Center
Robin Smith

Director of Accelerated Online Programs
Kim Jackson

Director of Scholarly Technology and Resources (STaR)
Kati Molnar

Extended Programs offers educational opportunities to UALR students online. With these programs, students can take advantage of Accelerated Courses, convenient start dates and schedules, affordable tuition, flexible payment options and financial aid and the ability to balance coursework and work schedules. UALR offers two types of online programs.

Extended Programs Online Offers:
  • 15- and 7-week courses
  • Undergraduate Programs
  • Graduate Programs
  • Certificate Programs
Accelerated Online Offers:
  • 7-week courses
  • Graduate Programs

Learning Online at UALR

UALR Students learn online through courses in Blackboard. UALR offers a wide range of classes online. These web-based classes utilize the Internet to allow UALR students to pursue their education anytime and anywhere.

Planning and Organization

Blackboard offers different tools that help students stay on track and stay organized. The calendar tool in Blackboard is a great way to keep everything organized and keep students on top of their coursework.

System Requirements

Students must have predictable, regular access to and control of a computer as your instructor assignment dates may vary. You may also be required to download files or software to complete class work. If your computer is publicly used or is loaned to you and you cannot download files or software, you will need to discuss your circumstances with your instructor.

Time Expectations

Online learning is just as intensive as learning face-to-face, and time to do the work needs to be scheduled and planned for, just as if one were attending face-to-face classes.

Online Resources

Students who take courses online have access to the Ottenheimer Library. Through their website, students can take advantage of different research databases, scholarly journals, e-books and other research materials. Students can search the library database through the easy search box on the homepage of their website.

UALR Benton Center

UALR offers an Associate of Arts in General Studies degree and a Bachelor of Science in E-Commerce (Electronic Commerce) degree at the UALR Benton Center. Classes in Benton, Arkansas are administered by Extended Programs and taught by UALR faculty. On-site college entrance testing (COMPASS) is available for students age 21 years and older, as well as individual testing for all students wishing to test out of developmental courses. Students enrolled in classes at the UALR Benton Center have full student privileges at UALR’s main campus. Textbook sales and buy-back services are offered on-site.

Additionally, UALR Benton Center has three computer labs, as well as, a Math lab and tutors to help students meet their educational needs. Academic advising, financial aid assistance, and admission assistance are also available. Students may pay their tuition and fees at the UALR Benton Center as well as sign up for a deferred payment plan.

For more information, contact UALR Benton at (501) 860-6003, or visit their Website