First-Year Colloquium

Leaving high school behind to attend college at UA Little Rock is an exciting transition. To assist students in that transition, all full-time freshmen entering a college or university for the first time and transfer students with less than 12 hours of credit are required to take a First Year Colloquium. Several versions of the colloquium are available, but all carry full academic credit and are designed to help put students on a path to success at UA Little Rock. Planning for graduation begins on day one!

All versions of the First Year Colloquium are small in size and require students to learn about and use campus and off-campus resources (libraries, career planning and counseling services, tutoring, etc.) and strategies for goal-setting and time management. Some versions include a service-learning project that applies academic learning to real-life situations.

Which course to take? Some specialized first-year colloquiums are aimed at students intending to major in particular subject areas. The table below indicates the appropriate colloquium for such students. Students intending to major in a subject area that is not singled out in the table should register for PEAW 1300, the first course in the table. All students should consult with their academic advisor before registering for a first year colloquium.

A few colloquiums are limited to students in other targeted special programs and those receiving particular scholarships. Such students will be advised through those programs and scholarships as to the appropriate colloquium for which they should register.

Intended for Declared Major Course Number
All majors PEAW 1300 The First Year Experience
Business (Economics, marketing, finance, or management) BSAD 1100 Discovering Business
Chancellor’s Leadership Corps PEAW 1124 Practicum: Leadership Training
Computer Science CPSC 1105 First Year Experience for CPSC Majors
Construction Management and Construction Engineering CNMG 1101 First Year Colloquium in Construction
Donaghey Scholars SCHL 1101 Scholars Colloquium
Education (Teacher preparation programs-early childhood, middle childhood, and secondary education) TCED 1100 Intro Teaching/Learning
Engineering Technology/Computer ECET 1302 Freshman Yr Exp Tech/ Computer
Engineering Technology/Mechanical ETME 1110 FYE: Intro to Mechanical Engineering Technology
History HIST 1314 First-Year Colloquium: History
Information Science I IFSC 1105 First Year Experience for IFSC Majors
Mass Communication MCOM 1300 Careers in Mass Media FYC
Math and Science (UTeach) SCED/IGSC 1101 Step 1: Inquiry Teaching FYC
Systems Engineering SYEN 1210 Intro to Systems Eng
Theatre and Dance THEA 1201 Theater/Dance: A First Experience
University Science Scholars BIOL/CHEM/ERSC 1305 University Science Scholars