Carrel Application

Applications for the Fall 2022 semester are now closed.

The application will reopen in December 2022 for January 2023 assignments. Please check back in December.

Priority Assignments

Carrels are assigned by the following priority:

  1. Students with accommodation needs. You will be asked to provide paperwork from the Disability Resource Center that states you require a closed carrel.
  2. UALR Law School alumni studying for the Arkansas bar exam (spring and summer semesters only). You will be asked to provide proof of exam registration.
  3. Library or faculty Research Assistants. You will be asked to provide a copy of an email from the faculty member that confirms your employment for the Spring semester.
  4. Law journal editors, members, or apprentices currently working on a law journal writing project (for example, a case note, survey or comment) who don’t have a workspace in the law review area. You will be asked to provide proof of registration in a Law Review class or proof that you are currently working on a case note, survey, or comment.
  5. Students enrolled in a course that satisfies the upper-level writing requirement, including appellate advocacy but excluding trial advocacy. You will be asked to upload a copy of your schedule from BOSS that includes the name of the ULW class (not just the course number).

After all priority applications have been processed, the remaining carrels will be assigned to 2L & 3L students on a first-come-first serve basis (based on the time and date of the submitted application). You will need to submit proof of class registration.

Please take a moment to read our policy and regulations before you apply.