Carrel Application

The application will reopen for July bar takers and Summer students on Monday, April 26, 2021, at 9 am.

Please read the following message from Dean Jessie Burchfield before applying for a carrel:


If you are able to successfully study and attend classes from home, we urge you to do so. However, we recognize that many of you need the wifi or need a quiet sanctuary for serious study, and we want to support you. To keep yourself and others safe and healthy, you must follow the CDC guidelines.

First and most importantly, stay home if you can.

When you can’t stay home — Maintain appropriate distance (6 feet) from others, wear a face covering that covers your nose and mouth whenever you are in the building, and wash/sanitize your hands frequently. (There are hand sanitizer stations near the library entrance.)   Sanitize high touch areas (tabletops, chair arms, keyboards). You can take a sanitizing wipe from the steel dispensers near the entrance so that you can sanitize the surface area where you study.

Coronavirus Safety Precautions

  • Before submitting an application, you are required to complete the Coronavirus: Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Workplace module available on SafeColleges training. To find it, click on “View Library” and then select the “Health” courses tab which will take you to a menu of 25 Health courses. Coronavirus: Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Workplace is one of those courses. SafeColleges training is only available to UALR students who are registered for classes. Graduate/Bar takers are exempt from this requirement. 
  • To promote social distancing, we are only assigning one person per carrel this semester. The only exception will be for cohabitating law students who specifically request to share a carrel. Please email Rhiannon Evans to make arrangements.

Priority Assignments

Carrels are assigned by the following priority:

  1. Students with circumstances that prevent or impair them from studying at home like parenting responsibilities or unreliable internet
  2. Bar exam takers (spring and summer semesters only)
  3. Students with documented accommodation needs
  4. Library or faculty Research Assistants
  5. Law journal editors, members, or apprentices currently working on a law journal writing project (for example, a case note, survey, or comment) who don’t have a workspace in the law review area.
  6. Students enrolled in a course that satisfies the upper-level writing requirement, including appellate advocacy but excluding trial advocacy.
  7. Other upper-level students (if you are a first-year student, you may apply for an open carrel.)

Please take a moment to read our policy and regulations before you apply.