Closed Carrel Regulations

These regulations govern the assignment and use of closed carrels. By submitting an application, you agree to be bound by these regulations.

1. Carrels are assigned for one semester. Notification will be given when the application period opens.  You must apply during the stated application period.

2. Application does not mean assignment. Assignments are made according to the criteria set out in the closed carrel policy. You will be notified whether you are assigned a carrel or placed on a waiting list.

3. Keys must be picked up at the Circulation Desk by the end of the first week of classes. If the key is not picked up, the carrel will be assigned to the next person on the waiting list.

4. Carrel keys are for your use only and are not to be loaned to another person.  There is a $40 replacement fee for lost keys.

5. The carrels are quiet study spaces. Please be respectful of those studying around you and limit all noise.

6. Library books and other items kept in your carrel must be checked out at the Circulation Desk. You are responsible for any items checked out to you, just as you would be if you took them home.

7. You are responsible for maintaining your carrel in a clean and undamaged condition throughout the occupancy period.  Do not affix materials to the walls, door, or window. Do not cover the window.

8. The storage or consumption of alcohol or tobacco in carrels is prohibited.

9. No appliances other than lamps or small fans are allowed in the carrels.  Any electronic devices must be turned off and unplugged when you leave your carrel for the day.

10. Please be aware that the Law Library is a public space, and we are not responsible for personal items left in carrels. Lock your door whenever you leave your carrel.

11. Your occupancy period expires on the last day of finals. No later than that date, clean out your carrel and return your keys to the Circulation Desk.

12. You may reapply for a new carrel at the end of each semester.