Summer and Graduate Access to Online Research

Westlaw Edge

Westlaw makes special provisions to extend password access for students who are enrolled in summer classes or who are working:

  • For a professor as a Research Assistant
  • On law review or moot court
  • In an unpaid public interest internship or pro-bono

New graduates may extend Westlaw passwords through November for bar examination study.

Register for summer use or a bar study extension.

Use of your Westlaw academic password for work purposes is prohibited. Thomson-West reserves the right to collect from users all Westlaw charges incurred through use of law school passwords for other than educational purposes at Westlaw’s commercial rates.

LexisNexis and Lexis Advance

LexisNexis access will be restricted during the summer months.

Lexis Advance will remain accessible throughout the summer to all students who have registered a Lexis Advance password. Students will have unrestricted, unlimited access to Lexis Advance for both educational use and for use in summer associate, internship, and/or clerkship positions.

Graduating students may extend their access through December 31.