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Facilities Management

Confined Space Entry Permit

The Confined Space Entry Permitis the most essential tool for assuring safety during entry in confined spaces with known hazards or with unknown or potentially hazardous atmospheres. The entry permit process guides the supervisor and workers through a systematic evaluation of the space to be entered. The permit should be used to establish appropriate conditions. Before each entry into a confined space, an entry permit will be completed by Environmental Health & Safety (EHS). EHS will then communicate the contents of the permit to all employees involved in the operation and post the permit conspicuously near the work location. A standard entry permit shall be used for all entries.

By OSHA definition, a confined space:

  • Is large enough for an employee to enter fully and perform assigned work
  • Is not designed for continuous occupancy by the employee
  • Has a limited or restricted means of entry or exit

These spaces may include underground vaults, tanks, storage bins, pits and diked areas, vessels, silos, and other similar areas.

By OSHA definition, a permit-required confined space has one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Contains, or has the potential to contain, a hazardous atmosphere
  • Contains a material with the potential to engulf someone who enters the space
  • Has an internal configuration that might cause an entrant to be trapped or asphyxiated by inwardly converging walls or by a floor that slopes downward and tapers to a smaller cross section
  • Contains any other recognized serious safety or health hazards

Updated 11.9.2016