Scholarships at UALR

Our mission is to make attending UALR an achievable goal. The good news is that most students (future and current, undergraduate and graduate) qualify for some type of aid. Financial aid packages can include a combination of different types of aid that include scholarships, grants, loans, and jobs such as work study.

Here you’ll find out all about scholarships – UALR offers a number of different ones to students who qualify. In fact, there are hundreds of scholarships, so it often pays (literally) to do your research.

First, it helps to understand the types of scholarships offered:

Academic and merit-based scholarships

UALR offers several types of scholarships to first-time freshmen, transfer students, and international students. UALR entering student scholarships are competitive – many are awarded based on an admissions application, ACT or SAT scores, scholarship application, and official high school transcript. Eligibility does not guarantee a scholarship, and awards are determined annually based on eligible applications and available funding.

General scholarships

Many current students are unaware of the general scholarships available to them through private funds, supported by our generous university donors and supporters. Of the 40 general scholarships offered through the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships, many are available for part-time students and non-traditional students. Learn more »

Scholarships by academic department

Application deadline for 2017-18 is March 1, 2017.

If you have declared a major, then you should check for the scholarships available within your academic program. There are hundreds of these type of scholarships – some are based on performance, like dance and music, while others might require an essay as part of the application process. Each college has its own scholarship application, scholarship committee, and scholarship selection process.

Browse by college to narrow your search:

Single parent scholarship

The Phyllis A. Keltner Foundation for Women Scholarship gives UALR students who are single mothers with dependent children an incredible opportunity – to overcome some of the many financial hurdles in getting a college education – and to provide secure futures for their families.

The scholarship covers the cost of tuition and fees up to 12 hours of enrollment, as well as books and supplies up to $300 per semester. Award amounts will be adjusted based on each recipients actual enrollment. Recipients of this scholarship may enroll in more than 12  hours per semester, but will be responsible for paying the additional charges. Scholarships may be renewable. Students must reapply annually.

Applicants must meet the following criteria to be considered:

  • Be currently enrolled as a non-traditional undergraduate student at UALR
  • Be a single mother with dependent children
  • Demonstrate academic accomplishment
  • Complete a 2017-18 FAFSA to demonstrate financial need
  • Complete a written narrative

2017-18 Phyllis A. Keltner Foundation for Women Scholarship Application

Alumni scholarships

The UALR Alumni Association Scholarship Program is the cornerstone of the association, providing thousands of dollars in scholarship awards each year to outstanding UALR students. Learn more »

Athletic scholarships

The UALR Department of Athletics looks for student-athletes who exhibit strong teamwork and leadership skills along with community involvement for scholarship recipients. Learn more »

Arkansas Academic Challenge and other scholarships

If you broaden your search, you will find several local, state, and national scholarship resources.

Here in the state, the Arkansas Department of Higher Education offers the Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship as well as several more aid programs.

Applying for scholarships

The Office of Financial Aid is your starting point for finding ways to afford college. Once you are ready, follow these steps to apply for a scholarship:


Be a UALR student
If you are starting at UALR for the first time, make sure you have completed the online admissions application.


Have a current FAFSA application on file
The FAFSA should be completed in the October prior to enrollment at UALR for each year you attend. The school code for UALR is 001101.


Find scholarships
Explore the variety of UALR scholarships for eligibility details, requirements and deadline information.


Complete the UALR scholarship application
By filling out the online scholarship application, you can apply for a variety of UALR scholarships in one spot.


Submit additional documentation
Submit all required scholarship materials and required documentation by the established deadlines.