Trojan Guarantee

The Trojan Guarantee is a new scholarship that ensures a zero-cost bachelor’s degree for most Arkansans. Every Arkansas student should have the opportunity to achieve their dreams with an affordable four-year degree.

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The Trojan Guarantee is for new freshmen enrolling in fall 2024 who receive and maintain:
1) Pell-Eligibility and 2) the Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship.

The Trojan Guarantee is a last dollar scholarship that covers the cost of tuition and mandatory fees (up to 15 hours per semester) after federal, state, and institutional aid is applied. The Trojan Guarantee will cover any remaining tuition after financial aid is applied.

Requirements and How to Apply

Incoming students are not required to apply for these funds. Awards will be processed automatically for those who meet the following requirements:

  • Unconditionally admitted as an incoming freshman for fall 2024
  • Enrolled in 12 hours or more for fall 2024, and 15 hours every semester after.

This scholarship opportunity is renewable for up to three additional for students who earn a 2.5 GPA and enroll as a full time student.

Scholarship Amount

The Trojan Guarantee is a last dollar financial aid program so the award amounts will vary from student to student. The amount of a student’s Trojan Guarantee will be determined prior to each semester and will be the amount of tuition and mandatory fees.

Have more questions?

Please check out our FAQ page for more information about this award.