Research at UA Little Rock

Whether it’s building a better tomato or looking into cancer treatments, students get an opportunity to work alongside faculty and put their knowledge to use in UA Little Rock’s state-of-the-art research facilities. Additionally, they are tackling big data for businesses and curating historical collections for the world to see.

UA Little Rock is a regional leader in using and teaching advanced technology in areas such as nanotechnology, information quality, and emerging analytics.

The university is a leader in the preservation and dissemination of Arkansas history through the alignment of the Department of History, the Master of Arts in public history program, and the Center for Arkansas History and Culture. Collections of 88,000 archival papers, images, and books, including those of five Arkansas governors, provide a wealth of research opportunities.

Faculty research

During the 2017-18 academic year, UA Little Rock faculty brought in more than $32 million in research grants and contracts. The university’s research programs are as diverse as the faculty. Research specialties range from post-traumatic stress disorder and artificial intelligence, to deviant social media use and bone regeneration. The faculty regularly receive national and international recognition for their pioneering research or published works.

Student research

Across the UA Little Rock campus, students are actively engaged in dynamic research and creative works that impact the community and the world. Spreading across multiple disciplines, students are creating unique works of art, writing original stories, researching new alternative energy methods, training NATO leaders to combat social media propaganda, and working with nanomaterials to heal patients and veterans with serious injuries.

Centers and facilities

UA Little Rock is home to more than 20 research centers that span several fields. Many of the centers partner with businesses to provide invaluable data and insight and bring new technologies to the market. Learn more about our research centers.

Libraries and collections

From Native American art to Arkansas history, our libraries and collections contain thousands of materials that support and enrich the university’s research and teaching mission.