Welcome to UA Little Rock Testing Services

Testing Services provides information regarding placement tests, certification exams, credit by examination, and more. If you’re looking to be admitted to UA Little Rock, you should check the admissions requirements. If you don’t have an ACT or SAT score, we offer the Accuplacer as an entrance placement exam alternate.

If you’re a non-UA Little Rock student looking for a certified proctor for non-UA Little Rock classroom exams, please review our exam proctoring information, and contact us at proctor@ualr.edu for any further information or clarification.

If you’re a UA Little Rock student and looking for testing accommodations, please visit the Disability Resource Center (DRC) website for instructions on how to register a disability for classroom accommodations and more.

If you’re a UA Little Rock student and looking to take your test at home, please contact your professor for more details. If you’re trying to take a classroom exam with us in the testing lab, please sign up online or contact your professor if your classroom exam isn’t available to sign up.

Appointments Required

Please schedule an appointment using our online scheduler; walk-ins are only permitted on a case-by-case basis and don’t guarantee same day testing.

If you live outside of Little Rock you can download our Examination Proctor Agreement and discuss with your local testing center how to set up your appointment there. You can check the Consortium of College Testing Centers (CCTC) to find a proctor, or simply ask your local accredited institution. Honorlock is only available to current UA Little Rock students for classroom exams if approved and set up by the professor. Students using Honorlock for classroom exams should not make an appointment.

Browse our Exam Directory for more information on specific tests. You can also contact us at proctor@ualr.edu if you have any questions about what exam you should take for placement or to receive credit by examination. You should expect a response within one business day.

Test Score Placement Guide

The Rhetoric and Writing Department Placement Guide and the Math Index Score are great tools to get an idea on where you will be placed based on your exam results. Contact your academic advisor, dean, or department chair to determine your official placement in a course.


UA Little Rock Testing Services is certified by the National College Testing Association.

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