Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some of our most frequently asked questions. Please browse through this page before calling to see if your question already been answered!

How do I send a copy of my test scores to another institution or myself?

If you need a copy of your Accuplacer results, you may come in person during normal business hours, or you can fill out the Accuplacer Score Release Authorization found on our website. We require a copy of your photo ID before sharing your scores with any other institution. Accuplacer scores are the only ones we can send as official copies. If you need official copies of your ACT, CLEP, AP, or anything else, you will have to contact the respective companies. That being said, we can send an unofficial copy of the scores we have on file if you fill out the above form. We will still require an acceptable photo ID before we send any information.

How do I sign up for the Accuplacer test?

We do all of our scheduling at

Which Accuplacer test do I need to take?

We do not have access to your entire academic transcript or history. Please contact your academic advisor or admissions if you have ACT, AP, or CLEP scores that could affect your admission score. If you’re still unsure, we recommend that you take the Accuplacer Admissions (Reading, Writing, and Math)

When is the next test date for the Accuplacer?

The Accuplacer is available any day we’re open, and you can choose the day and time you’d like to take it. Please browse the Accuplacer exam page for any information regarding the content and length of the test.

Can I take the ACT/GRE/SAT/GMAT at Testing Services?

Unfortunately we do not offer proctoring services for those exams. Please browse the exam directory for the test you’re looking for to get the information we have available.