Accommodated Testing

Service animal policy

Animal policy definition from the Americans with Disabilities Network.

While Emotional Support Animals (sometimes called Comfort Animals or Therapy Animals) are often used as part of a medical treatment plan, they are not considered service animals under the ADA and are not allowed on the UA Little Rock campus.

The process

Student responsibilities:

  1. A student’s first step to receive testing accommodations is to register with the Disability Resource Center. One may complete the DRC online form or call them at 501-916-3143 to make an appointment.
  2. After the student has registered with the DRC and been approved for accommodations, the student’s professor(s) will be notified by the DRC.
  3. The professor(s) will arrange for the proper testing environment. The professor will inform the student regarding the testing options, allowed materials, and the mode of testing such as remote proctoring, dates and times.
  4. If the professor determines that the exam administration should be managed by Testing Services, the professor will submit a request to Testing Services to administer the exam.
    • Testing Services will check the DRC website to confirm the student is approved for accommodations and the type, typically extended time.
    • Testing Services will contact the student by email to set-up an appointment.
    • The student must respond to the email for an appointment. Phone calls are not acceptable. It is important that Testing Services and the student have a record of the arrangement for clear communication.
  5. Prior to the exam date, students must familiarize themselves with the Testing Services website, and policies regarding acceptable identification, prohibited items, parking, and the location of Testing Services within the Student Services Center, room 315. If the student does not present acceptable identification, admission will be denied.

Faculty responsibilities:

  1. Faculty are notificed by the DRC of their students who are approved for accommodation(s). Testing Services has access to this information.
  2. The professor decides the best way to accommodate a student whether that be in their classroom, within their department, using remote proctoring, within the Testing Services computer lab, or other area.
  3. If the professor determines that Testing Services should manage the test administration, the professor must create an account with the online scheduler called RegisterBlast.

Detailed instructions for faculty regarding account creation and exam submission requests can be found on the Testing Services “Faculty accommodated exam submission” page.

The Disability Resource Center site for Accommodated Exams in Testing Services offers some instructions regarding how to take advantage of the option to test with accommodations. Some of Testing Services processes have changed and may not be correct on the DRC website, so please refer to Testing Services for testing procedures.

Testing Services accommodation contact

University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Testing Services
2801 South University Avenue
Student Services Center, room 315
Little Rock, AR 72204

501-916-3096 (Fax)

Additional requirements

NOTE: Students not receiving accommodations must schedule exam appointments through

Faculty must use the RegisterBlast Professor Module for exam submission requests, exam uploads, changes, and updates.

Emails from a Yahoo account cannot be received. UA Little Rock’s server blocks them. Any other email provider is acceptable.

The CLEP accommodation policy can be found online in the Information for Test Takers booklet.

National testing programs such as ACT, Praxis, MPRE, MAT, and LSAT, require that you submit your documentation directly to the national testing company. You must also complete any forms they require. These forms and procedures can vary considerably from test to test. All forms and procedures are available online.

Not a UA Little Rock student but want to test with accommodations at UA Little Rock?

You must first connect with the UA Little Rock Disability Resource Center.