Test Score Release Authorization REQUIRED: You must include a picture of your ID.

Examination Proctor Agreement

How to save the data in your form

    Before you enter any information:
    1. Download the form to your computer.
    2. Enter your information in the appropriate fields.
    3. Save” to your hard-drive, and print, if desired


    If you have already completed the form online:

    1. Bring up the “Print” menu and choose the Microsoft XPS Document Writer as your printer
    2. Click Print. A “Save” dialogue box will appear.
    3. Rename the *.xps file and save the document to your hard-drive. Remember to remove the star “*” in the *.xps.
    4. Now it’s time to convert the XPS document.
    5. Select “File
    6. Properties
    7. Find “Opens with: XPS Viewer
    8. Click the “Change” button. You will see an arrow on the far right that when clicked will list the programs you have available such as Adobe Acrobat or Word.
    9. Save