Fraternity & Sorority Life

Welcome to the University of Arkansas at Little Rock Fraternity & Sorority website!

The UA Little Rock fraternity and sorority community is comprised of members of both men’s and women’s fraternities and sororities. Joining a fraternity or sorority can offer you an unforgettable university experience. Developing life-long friendships with the members in the chapters helps to make the campus seem smaller. For many members, these chapters become a home away from home. In addition to the brotherhood/sisterhood, every chapter is dedicated to enhancing leadership, scholarship, service and financial responsibility. The members of each fraternity and sorority embody the essence of school spirit. These are the students that can be found leading the Student Government Association, cheering at Trojan basketball games, organizing fund-raisers for charities, and participating in numerous other student activities.

Go Trojans! Go Greek!