University of Arkansas at Little Rock Mission

Vision Statement

UA Little Rock is dedicated to improving students’ lives and enhancing our communities. We will be a leading urban and metropolitan university that engages the city, the region and beyond through excellent teaching, research and partnerships.

Mission Statement

The mission of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock is to develop the intellect of students; to discover and disseminate knowledge; to serve and strengthen society by enhancing awareness in scientific, technical, and cultural arenas; and to promote humane sensitivities and understanding of interdependence. Within this broad mission are the responsibilities to use quality instruction to instill in students a lifelong desire to learn; to use knowledge in ways that will contribute to society; and to apply the resources and research skills of the University community to the service of the city, the state, the nation, and the world in ways that will benefit humanity. (Adopted by the University of Arkansas at Little Rock Faculty Senate, 1988)

Strategic Plan Goals

The University, through its various programs, works toward five goals within the strategic plan:

Goal 1

Student Success: UA Little Rock will prepare its students for success.

Goal 2

Resources: UA Little Rock will strengthen and support the human resources and infrastructure necessary to fulfill its mission and vision.

Goal 3

Research & Creative Endeavors: UA Little Rock will encourage and support research and creative endeavors.

Goal 4

Community Engagement: UA Little Rock will serve as an active partner in the community.

Goal 5

Diversity & Global Citizenship: UA Little Rock will improve diversity, inclusion, equality and global understanding in the campus community.