George W. Donaghey Emerging Analytics Center

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The George W. Donaghey Emerging Analytics Center™ (EAC) at the University of Arkansas in Little Rock  (UALR) is a research center that houses an energetic group of faculty, researchers, and students performing innovative research in technology, infrastructure and applications for virtual reality, visualization, and interactive technologies. The UALR EAC was founded thanks to a generous grant from the George W. Donaghey Foundation. Its mission is to be a focus of applied research expertise and technology knowledge in the areas of immersive and interactive visualization for complex and big data applied to practical problems in industry, government, and research organizations.

EAC’s Work is centered on interdisciplinary projects and it covers a wide range of topics from the development and use of large-scale one-of-a-kind systems to every day portable technologies such as smart phones, glasses and tablets as well as pioneering applications for these technologies in many disciplines and markets.

EAC’s Projects are in areas such as large data visualization, data analytics, training environments, software architectures for visualization and virtual reality, technology development, modeling and simulation, museum installations, and tech-transfer to many of our sponsors and collaborators.

EAC is the strategic partner that brings strong applied research expertise in modeling and simulation, visualization, and systems integration through a dynamic team of multidisciplinary UALR faculty, creative research scientists, and motivated students.

EAC’s Team at UALR is focused on a broad mission of innovative economic development for the future of Arkansas and our nation.

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