Emerging Analytics Center

The George W. Donaghey Emerging Analytics Center at UA Little Rock focuses on research and development in immersive visualization, augmented/virtual/mixed realities, and interactive technologies in general. The EAC is further including in its portfolio research in cybersecurity, mobile/ubiquitous computing, and the internet-of-things, as well as applications of machine and deep learning.

Additionally, the EAC is collaborating very closely with the Department of Computer Science at UA Little Rock, where the computer science department is the prime talent pool for the EAC while the EAC offers wide-ranging opportunities for students in professional software development as well as academic and industry research.

The EAC was founded thanks to a generous grant from the George W. Donaghey Foundation. Its mission is to be a focus of applied research expertise and technology knowledge in the areas of immersive and interactive visualization for complex and big data applied to practical problems in industry, government, and research organizations.

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