UA Little Rock Policies

A university policy in the Policy Library supersedes and preempts inconsistent policies and procedures that are not included in the Policy Library. To be effective, a policy must be included in the Policy Library. For more information about UA Little Rock policy management please review the Policy on Policy Management.

In the event of a discrepancy or inconsistency between UA Little Rock policies and Board of Trustees or UA Systemwide Policies and Procedures, Board of Trustees or Systemwide Policies and Procedures apply.

Locating Policies in the Library

University policies can be located by Policy Index Number, by using the site search at the top of this page, or you can search for the policy name within these categories:

Reviewing and Updating Policies

UA Little Rock’s Policy Management Board (PMB) partners with all university departments to review and update policies. Once a policy is reviewed, the PMB will periodically post updates, as well as remove outdated policies if they have been decommissioned. Newly approved policies will be added as they become active.

It is important that changes in policies are available for UA Little Rock stakeholders to review. Changes to the university policy library will be posted to the Policy website under Policy News and Updates.

We appreciate your cooperation in keeping the UA Little Rock Policy Library up-to-date and accurate.

Questions and Feedback

If you wish to provide comments or feedback on a policy, please use the Policy Review & Questions Form. Questions regarding policy interpretation should be directed to the policy custodian as noted at the bottom of each policy. In addition, questions may be submitted online using the Policy Review Form.