Studying at UA Little Rock

The University of Arkansas at Little Rock is the second largest campus in the University of Arkansas System and the only metropolitan school in the state. What does that mean for you as a student? Find out 


How do I find information about a specific study program?

Majors, Minors, and Programs of Study

Figuring out what you want to do is an important part of being successful both while you’re in school and after you graduate. UALR offers a variety of programs for you to choose from.

Colleges, Departments, and Schools

Do you know what you what you want to do after you graduate from college? If so, chances are we have a degree program that will help you meet that goal. Our majors, minors, and graduate programs are housed within Colleges, Departments, and Schools.

UA Little Rock Catalogs

The Undergraduate Catalog and Graduate Catalog provide information about all of our degree programs. If you don’t know what degree you want to pursue, consulting the catalogs can assist you in that decision.