Prohibited Items


The examination rooms are kept at a cool temperature for the comfort of all examinees. If you tend to be cold-natured, you should consider bringing a jacket or sweater.

Locker access during testing

A locker is provided to you to secure your belongings during testing. Access to the locker is prohibited until after you have completed your exam.

Testing Services main office:

The following items are prohibited during the check-in process

  • Firearms. UA Little Rock policy prohibits firearms or other dangerous weapons on campus. Any student in violation of this regulation will be subject to separation from the university.
    • Law enforcement officers taking exams in the Testing Services computer lab are considered “off-duty”, and are therefore not permitted to bring weapons into Testing Services.
    • A concealed firearm is permitted for those individuals who have completed the required training and have received the appropriate license, and enhanced training per State Law, but if the firearm is discovered during exam check-in, it is considered no longer concealed and is not permitted in Testing Services. UA Little Rock’s policy regarding firearms may be found on the Public Safety website.
  • Tobacco products. It is a violation of the Arkansas Clean Air Act of 2009, to use tobacco products on the campus of a State supported institution. It is also a violation of UA Little Rock policy.
  • Cell phone use.  Please, turn your cell phone off before you enter the Office of Testing Services

In the testing lab:

Please be aware that you will be asked to show that your pockets are completely empty before entering the test room. Effective January 2020: All examinees wearing glasses are required to submit their glasses for inspection before entering the testing lab. If the glasses are found to contain any wearable technology, they will not be permitted in the testing lab so please plan accordingly.

  • Watches of any kind
  • Food
  • Drink
  • Gum
  • Mints, cough drops, candy, etc.
  • Tobacco products
  • Cell phones and smart glasses
  • Electronic devices including iPods, mp3 players, headphones, etc. If headphones are a required part of the test, we will provide a clean pair.
  • Cameras, optical readers, or other devices that include the ability to photograph, photocopy or otherwise copy test materials
  • Calculators, unless permitted for your specific test
  • Computer, tablet, or flash drive unless allowed for your specific test
  • Hats, hoods, or other headgear (allowances are made for religious or cultural headgear)
  • Jewelry, such as bangle bracelets, that might make noise while testing

Some prohibited items may be secured in a locker.  You must dispose of food, drink, etc. before entering for check-in as these are not permitted in the office or the testing lab.

Exceptions are permitted only for examinees who have been approved for special accommodation prior to the test date.  Testing Services must be notified of the accommodation(s) approved by the authorizing organization or by the UA Little Rock Disability Resource Center.


For the personal comfort of others, please refrain from entering the testing room if you are wearing fragrances.  Fragrances are a distraction to other examinees, and many people have allergies.


For the safety of others, please refrain from entering the Office of Testing Services if you exhibit symptoms of a contagious illness.  Every attempt will be made to reschedule your test in a timely manner. Please contact us as soon as possible so we can try and reschedule your exam.

Cell Phone Policy

If your cell phone rings during testing, you will be asked to leave your exam and turn your phone off. Your test time will continue to count down. It is recommended that you turn your cell phone off prior to entering the test area.

Bringing electronic devices to the testing room is not allowed. Phones, pagers, beeping watches, and other devices can make noise that distract you and other examinees.

Some electronic devices can also be used to communicate with others, and to take pictures, or scan test materials.

Due to these issues with distraction and security, we do not permit you to take any electronic devices (including cell phones and pagers) into the testing rooms. We encourage you not to bring these items. If you bring them, we will ask you to turn them completely off (not silent or vibrate) and store them in a locker. You will not be permitted to take them into the test room, even if the devices are turned off.

If you are hesitant to leave your phones, pagers, etc. in our locker, your best bet is NOT to bring such items with you. We cannot take responsibility for electronic devices that are lost or forgotten.

Children in the Test Center

Please do not bring children with you.

Children are not permitted in the test rooms for a variety of reasons. They are a distraction to other examinees, and they are a distraction to you. Staff members are not permitted to baby-sit while you take your test. If a child is found unattended, we are legally required to report you to the authorities.

Make child care plans so that you can spend your time concentrating on your test instead of worrying about your child/children.