Faculty accommodated exam submission


  1. Spring 2019 final exam submissions (including accommodated) must be entered and exams uploaded to RegisterBlast by April 30, 2019. Hand-delivered or emailed exams are not accepted.
  2. Each individual student must have a separate exam submission with their unique “T” number that is saved and stored in Registerblast.
  3. Processing is difficult, confusing, and sometimes impossible without your complete records in Registerblast.


    • Keep in mind that the space in the Testing Services computer lab is limited which requires that appointments be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.
    • We can provide a “reduced distraction” testing environment, but not a “distraction free” one.
    • Staff is not available to proctor outside of Testing Services.

    Faculty exam submission and responsibilities

    Follow the steps below to create your accommodated exam submission request. Note: You will need to create a new submission request for each individual student. Please only put one name and T number on each submission.

    Creating a RegisterBlast Account

    Testing Services must have an exam submission request for all tests, including accommodated. To create an exam submission, you must have a professor account in RegisterBlast. Follow the directions below to enroll.

    1. Click here to sign up for professor account in RegisterBlast.
    2. You will be prompted to enter your first name, last name, email address, and to create a password. If you forget your password, email proctor@ualr.edu so we can reset it.
    3. Click the “enroll” button. Now you have created your RegisterBlast account!

    Note: All new professors must be approved by Testing Services before the professor can create an exam submission. RegisterBlast notifies us immediately it generally takes our office a couple hours to process the approval and set an exam group during regular business hours. If you do not receive approval, please contact Testing by emailing proctor@ualr.edu.

    Creating your Accommodated Submission

    If you already have an account, please follow these steps to create a submission for each student needing accommodations.

    1. Click here to login to your Professor account.
    2. Click on “Submissions” in the upper, right-hand part of the screen. You should see a list of previous submissions.
    3. Click on “New Submission” at the top of the screen.
    4. Fill out all areas of the form that pertain to your exam:
      • Section 1: Name of the test.
        • It is best to use something unique such as ” Test 1 MATH 1302-991 Spring 2019.”
        • If your test requires a document, you must upload it in this step at least 7 days prior to the first day your exam is open. We do not accept hand-delivered or emailed exams.
      • Section 2: Select the ACCOMMODATED exam group.
        • Not choosing a group during this step can cause delays in exam processing.
        • Choose the open and close dates for your test from the drop-down calendar. Please refer to Testing Services’ hours of operation prior to submitting an exam request.
        • Please give us the standard time allotted for your exam without accommodations. Testing Services will reference the Disability Resource Center database for the student’s approved accommodations and make the appropriate adjustments to the length of the exam.
      • Section 3: Fill out this section as completely as you can with all of the information that pertains to your test.
        • There is a lot of redundancy in this part on purpose. After submitting, you will only be able to edit this section and not section 2. This allows you to revise the date and duration after the original submission.
        • Note: Only include one student name and T number! If you have more than one student needing accommodation for your course, you will need to create multiple submissions, one for each student.
      • Section 4: It is possible that not all information about your test is covered by this form. If this is the case or if you wish to clarify any part of your answers on the form, please fill out the comment box in this section.  This is also the place to list any edits you made in section 3.
    5. Inform your student that:
      • Their UA Little Rock email address will be used for communication.
      • The student will be contacted by Testing Services to schedule an appointment after your exam submission is received.
      • If the student is not contacted by Testing Services, instruct him/her to contact Testing Services. Email: proctor@ualr.edu Phone: 501.569.3198
      • Refer the student(s) to the Disability Resource Center website for additional information.

    A note on editing submissions: Editing your submission communicates changes that need to be made about the scheduling or materials related to your exam. It does not automatically cause those edits to go into effect! When you edit your submission, RegisterBlast notifies us of the edit, but not what has changed. To save us time and to speed up the processing of your edit, please let us know what you edited with a small message in Section 4.

    Appointment scheduling

    Faculty members must not schedule appointments. Accommodated appointments are made by Testing Services. Testing Services will contact the student after your submission has been received.

    Other testing options

    1. Students may test within your department or college.
    2. If your class is taught outside of our computer lab hours, you might consider letting your students test during lab hours.

    Testing within your department or college

    There may be situations where it is preferable or necessary to administer exams within your department. These include:

    1. Exams that are not paper/pencil or online (such as ASL, oral exams, piano, lab).
    2. Specialized software is needed for the exam.
    3. The professor needs to be physically available during the exam.
    4. The course is off campus (such as Bowen or Benton).
    5. Testing Services does not have space available at the needed time.

    If this is the case, please follow the procedure for Accommodated Exams in Academic Departments.

    An inclusive approach

    There is a more inclusive approach for students to demonstrate their mastery of the course material than just utilizing exams. This approach has the benefit of not having to set-up a separate testing situation for students with disabilities. Let the DRC know if you would like to discuss these options further, or if you would like to make such changes to your course design.

    Disability Resource Center contact:

    Justin Hicks
    Access Consultant – Technology

    Testing Services contact:

    University of Arkansas at Little Rock
    Testing Services
    2801 South University Avenue
    Student Services Center, room 315
    Little Rock, Arkansas 72204
    501.569.8096 (Fax)

    Note: Emails from a Yahoo account cannot be received. UA Little Rock’s server blocks them. Any other email provider is acceptable.