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Be a UA Little Rock student
If you are starting at UA Little Rock for the first time – Welcome! Please make sure that you have completed the online admissions application. If you are transferring to UA Little Rock, you can meet with a Transfer Advisor.


Tuition & fees
A college education is a smart investment. We will walk you through the financial aid and advising process to make sure you have a plan that helps you succeed. Make sure you explore your financial aid options and apply for scholarships (the earlier, the better).


Be advised
Being advised is an important step in the registration process. Once you have submitted your official admission test scores (i.e. ACT, SAT, Accuplacer) you can meet with an academic advisor to start planning your semester. An academic advisor will help you determine your classes and schedule and lift your Advising Flag so that you can officially register for classes in the BOSS system.
For returning students, if you haven’t declared a major, meet with your undergraduate advisor in the Office of Academic Advising before registering for class. If you have declared a major, meet with your advisor in your “major” program before registering.


Register for classes using Schedule Planner (Primary Method)
Please familiarize yourself with important registration dates and deadlines, which can be viewed on the academic calendar. You will also want to contact your academic advisor for a mandatory advising session. For detailed instructions on how to use Schedule Planner please click here .


Register for classes in BOSS (Alternative Method)
If you do not wish to use Schedule Planner you may also use the BOSS registration system. Please familiarize yourself with important registration dates and deadlines, which can be viewed on the academic calendar. You will also want to contact your academic advisor for a mandatory advising session.

Get Started

Logging into BOSS

Once your application for admission has been approved you will be assigned a student ID (your T number) and a six-digit personal identification number (PIN). Students enrolling at the undergraduate and post-baccalaureate levels will receive a PIN from the Office of Admissions. Students enrolling at the graduate level will receive a PIN from the Graduate School. When you’ve received this information and you’re ready to register then go to The BOSS system will allow you to register for courses, view your grades, order transcripts, check your financial aid status, and much, much more.

Be sure to review your BOSS account often to ensure that all of your information is up-to-date.

When you first visit BOSS, the menu will display several options. Select the first option Enter Secure Area (LOGIN) to begin registering for courses.

On the next page, you will input your User ID and PIN in the appropriate boxes. After you have done that, select the box that reads Login to proceed to the next page.

If this is your first visit, then you will be asked to change your PIN. You will need to select six numbers for your PIN. There are some restrictions to what you may choose. Those restrictions will appear in a gray box on the right of your screen.

You will also be asked to select a set of security questions from a list and provide answers to the questions. If you should ever forget your PIN and need to click the “Forgot PIN?” button, then one of these questions will need to be answered before you can proceed. Please note that the answers are case-sensitive.

Registering for Courses

Once you have successfully logged into your BOSS account, choose the Student Services option from the menu.

From there, choose the Registration option from the menu. This will bring you to the registration page, which will provide you with a registration-focused menu.

From this page, you will choose to Register/Search for Classes. The system will ask you to specify which term you would like to register for. Once you choose the appropriate term you will be brought to the class search page.

Choose your subject from the list provided and click the Course Search button.

A list of courses should appear at this point. You will need to click on the View Sections button next to the course that you are interested in registering for in order to view all of the available meeting times for that course.

As you review the meeting times for your course, you should look to the left of each class and check for the following:

  • Checkbox: This means that you can register for this course.
  • C: Closed. All available seats have been taken.
  • NR: No Registration. Registration is currently not available at this time.
  • SR: Student Restriction. You may not register for any courses until restrictions are cleared. Choose the View Registration Status option from the bottom of the page to find out the status of your account.
  • Nothing: You are currently registered for this course.
  • Please note if you have errors you may use our Errors Tutorial for assistance.

You will need to click on the checkbox of the class(s) that you want to take. You will then go to the bottom of the page and click on the Register button.

Please Note:

  • Depending on your screen size there may be information to the right of the page that you cannot see without scrolling.
  • Web-based courses have a building designation of “Web”. These courses are typically last on the list of meeting times. This information is usually to the far right of your screen.
  • Some courses have both a lecture and a lab that must be taken during the same semester. To register for these types of courses, you will need to place a check next to both classes before you click on the Register button.

Registering through BOSS

How Do I Know I'm Registered

Once you’ve clicked the Register button, you will be taken to a screen that will confirm if you’ve successfully registered for the class.

Please note: When you enroll in a course, you will be charged for that course unless you drop or withdraw by the proper deadline. You will not necessarily be dropped for not attending the course.

If, for any reason, you cannot take the course you selected, you will receive an error message.

Waitlisting a Course

How Waitlisting a Course Works:

Once a CRN/class fills up and closes, students may add their names to the waitlist, if one is offered for the course. Whether or not a class has a waitlist is determined by the department offering the course and not all courses can support a waitlist. Courses that have a waitlist are designated by values greater than 0 in the waitlist columns on the “Register/Search for Classes” web page in BOSS. The column headings are WL Cap (waitlist capacity), WL Act (current students on the waitlist), and WL Rem (waitlist slots remaining) and show up just to the left of the instructor column.

If a course has a waitlist, and a student currently enrolled drops that course or the department raises the class limit, the next eligible student on the waitlist is notified ONLY by an email sent to their UA Little Rock email address. The email will inform the student a seat is now open, and give the student a specific length of time (usually 24 hours) in which to log onto BOSS and register for the course. If the student does not register within that time period, their name is removed from the waitlist, and the next eligible student is notified.

Procedure for Getting on a Waitlist:

  1. Find the CRN of the class for which you wish to be waitlisted.
  2. If the class is not closed, you cannot be added to the waitlist.
  3. Go to the “Add or Drop Classes” option on the Registration Tools channel in BOSS. Registration for waitlisting is not available using the Class Search option on the UA Little Rock website.
  4. Enter the CRN in one of the boxes and click on Submit.
  5. If no seats are open then the error message will display “No seats are available at this time. There are XX student(s) in the waitlist. To join the waitlist, select waitlisted from the drop-down menu to the right then click the Submit Changes button”.
  6. Click on Submit Changes, and you’ll be added to the waitlist.

Getting on the Waitlist

  1. If the error message displays “No seats are available at this time. The waitlist is currently full” or “You cannot be added to the waitlist at this time. The waitlist is currently full” then you must choose another course.
  2. If you receive the message “Open seats are being offered to students on the waitlist. There are XX students on the waitlist at this time”, then you can add yourself to the waitlist. This message means a seat has opened up but is being held for the next eligible student, on the current waitlist.

Please Note: All holds must be cleared and registration requirements must be met before entering a waitlist.

Courses Which Have Co-requisites:

Students enrolling in courses that have a co-requisite, e.g. separate Biology lecture and lab courses, or Chemistry lecture and lab courses must enroll in both courses at the same time, for BOSS to recognize the co-requisite. Therefore, students may not enroll in a lecture but only waitlist for the lab. In order to waitlist a co-requisite course, the student must first be fully enrolled in the pair of courses, to meet the co-requisite requirements, THEN waitlist the desired course.

Procedure for Removing Yourself from a Waitlist:

  1. Go to the “Add or Drop Classes” option on the Registration menu on BOSS.
  2. Click on the drop-down arrow on the course you wish to remove and …
  3. Choose “Drop Course” and click on Submit Changes.

Procedure for Moving from a Waitlist to Registered in the Class:

  1. If the class opens up and you are the next eligible student on the waitlist, an email will be sent to your UA Little Rock email account. Please check your UA Little Rock email account several times daily.
  2. Follow the directions in the email and log on to BOSS.
  3. Go to the Add or Drop Classes option on the Registration Tools channel on BOSS. If you are currently enrolled in another section of the same class, you must first drop the other section before changing to the newly available course.
  4. Click on the drop-down box for the course for which you are now eligible to enroll and …
  5. Select “Web Registered”, and click on Submit Changes.

Getting on the Waitlist

Waitlist Protocols:

  1. Not all courses will have a waitlist option.
  2. Students cannot be added to a waitlist until the course is closed. Students will not be added to a waitlist in anticipation that the course will be closed when their registration time arrives.
  3. All holds, prerequisites, and other registration restrictions are checked and must be met or cleared before a student is allowed to enter the waitlist. Plan ahead: most holds cannot be cleared outside of regular UA Little Rock working hours and if you can’t clear the hold you may lose your slot and have to start over. For Advising holds please contact Academic Advising at 501-916-3386, for financial holds contact Student Accounts at 501-916-3450, and for Library holds contact the Ottenheimer Library at 501-916-3123. For all other holds contact Records and Registration for assistance at 501-916-3110.
  4. Being waitlisted in a course does not guarantee that you’ll get into the course.
  5. The deadline for changing your course status from “waitlisted” to “registered” is 24 hours, except on weekends when registration is closed. If you are waitlisted for a course that you think may open, please be prepared to monitor your UA Little Rock email account frequently.
  6. Unfortunately, exceptions cannot be made for students who do not register for the class within the time period stated in the notification email. Students signing up on a waitlist must pay close attention to their email accounts. “No exceptions” include the following: (a) BOSS is not available; (b) out-of-town emergencies; (c) computer crashes; (d) inclement weather; (e) “never received the email.”
  7. If you have any concerns or questions about waitlisting please contact the Office of Records and Registration at 501-916-3110.

Drop/Withdrawal from Class


Removing one or more (but not all) courses from your academic schedule or specific part of the term is considered dropping a course. All course drops must be completed in BOSS. A grade of “W” will be received after the registration adjustment period has ended.


Removing all courses from your academic schedule or a specific part of the term is considered a withdrawal. A grade of “W” will be received for the final course from which you withdraw during the late registration/adjustment period and for all courses you withdraw from after the late registration period has ended.

How do I Drop/Withdraw?

You must make your request through BOSS. Drop/Withdrawal requests made through email or phone will not be accepted.

Financial Aid

Dropping or withdrawing can impact your financial aid. To determine exactly how it could affect your aid you should contact the Office of Financial Aid.

Drop/Withdraw Request

Further information can be found at Add, Drop, and Course Withdrawal.

Troubleshooting Common BOSS Registration Errors

These are common errors you might encounter in BOSS. You can always contact our office with any BOSS registration problems.

Advising Flag: You must be advised to have this flag removed.

Link Error: You must be registered in both a lecture and a lab for a particular course. Some common examples of this error are found here. To resolve this you must do one of the following:

  • If you are registering by using the Register/Search for classes method then you must adjust your schedule so that you are able to place a checkmark in both courses, click the Register button at the bottom of the page and successfully enroll in both courses at the same time.
  • If you are registering by way of the Add/Drop Classes screen then you must adjust your schedule in such a way that you are able to place the CRN of both the lab and lecture portion of your course in two, separate boxes in the Add Courses area at the bottom of the screen, click on Submit Changes and successfully enroll in both courses at the same time.

Time Conflict: The course you are attempting to enroll in meets at the same time as another course in which you are enrolled. You will need to make adjustments to your schedule if you want to register for this new course.

No Timeticket: You are not able to register at this time. This could mean one of three things:

  • You may not be fully admitted to UA Little Rock.
  • Registration was closed to you at that time. This could be because the system as a whole was unavailable for registration or due to your student type/classification you must wait until a certain date to register.
  • If you are a first-time or returning student check the term on your admission application. You cannot register for courses in a term that occurs before the term on your admission application. (Example: If you applied for the Fall then you cannot register for Summer courses.) To correct this you will need to make adjustments to your admission application.

Level Restriction: You must be of the appropriate level to take this course. For example, Graduates may not take Undergraduate level courses. Undergraduates or Post-Baccalaureates may not take Graduate level courses. In order to take a course whose level is outside yours you must speak with the Graduate school. Post-Baccalaureates who receive this error while attempting to take an Undergraduate course should call the Office of Records and Registration.

Classification (Class) Restriction: If you are an Undergraduate you must be of the appropriate class to take certain courses. A Freshman may not take certain Sophomore, Junior, or Senior level courses. Sophomores may not take certain Junior or Senior level courses. Juniors may not take certain Senior level courses. In order to take a course outside of your class you must contact the department offering the class to obtain permission to take this course.

Prerequisite (PreReq)/Test Score: You may not take a course that has a prerequisite if you have not fulfilled, either by successfully completing or testing out of, that course’s prerequisites. If you feel you have met all of the prerequisites for a course you may contact the department offering the course you wish to take.

Duplicate CRN: If you receive this error contact the Office of Records and Registration.

Auditing a Course

If you wish to audit a course, you will first have to register for it “normally.” After you have successfully registered, click on the word Normal listed under the grade mode of your course. This will take you to the Select Audit Mode page. If the word Normal cannot be clicked then the course is not available for audit.

You may also choose Select Audit Mode from the Registration menu of your BOSS account to audit a course.

Once on the Select Audit Mode page, all of the courses you are registered for will appear. If you see that the grade mode for a course is in a drop-down menu then that course can be audited. To do so, select Audit from the drop-down menu and click the Submit Changes button.

If you should change your mind about auditing a course you may follow the same process outlined above to change the grade mode back to its default setting.

Things to note:

You must have the professor’s approval to audit a course
You may not change your grade mode after the last day of late registration
When auditing a course you will receive a grade of “AU” regardless of how well or how poorly you did

After registering for classes

Covering tuition

Once you are successfully registered for your classes, you must pay tuition. There are a variety of ways to pay for your courses at UA Little Rock and a variety of circumstances that may affect how much you owe or when your payments are due. We highly recommend that you visit our Bursar’s website to find out what your financial options and responsibilities are.

Get your Trojan Card

The Trojan Card is a versatile tool for the UA Little Rock student. It is used to open certain parking gates, check out books from the Ottenheimer Library, make use of meal plans, and take part in the book voucher program.

In order to obtain a card you will need to be registered for at least one credit hour of courses. Once you have registered for at least one credit hour, you may go to Reception Services (located between the Bookstore and Fitness Center on the bottom floor of the Donaghey Student Center) to obtain your card. There is no fee for the first card but additional fees may apply for replacements.

If you have more financial aid than is required for your tuition and fees, you may be able to take part in the book voucher program. For more information on the book voucher program, please visit our Financial Aid site.

If you would like to take part in a UA Little Rock meal plan then please visit our Dining Services’ website.


Once you have registered for your courses, you may need to purchase textbooks or other items necessary to complete your coursework. You may also wish to purchase items that are simply enjoyable to have. Such items can be purchased at the UA Little Rock Bookstore. The bookstore is located on the lower level of the Donaghey Student Center.

Books can be purchased in person or online. Textbooks can also be shipped to you. If you wish to purchase your books with a book voucher please note that book vouchers are placed on the UA Little Rock Trojan Card.

The bookstore will also refund or buy back certain textbooks. For more information on the refund and buy-back policies as well as information on other services offered, please visit the UA Little Rock Bookstore.

Get a parking permit

UA Little Rock students who wish to park a vehicle on campus must first register their vehicle with the Department of Public Safety (DPS). To register your vehicle, you will need to know your T-number, make, model, basic color of your car, and license plate number.

The student fee for one parking permit is included in the general fee calculated with tuition.