Accommodated Exams in Testing Services

The Disability Resource Center and Testing Services have collaborated to provide a greatly improved way for students to take accommodated exams. Students who receive accommodations can now take their exams in the Office of Testing Services. This new process was implemented as a result of a campus-wide survey of faculty in Spring 2013 regarding accommodated testing. We would appreciate your feedback as you utilize this new service, to help us make continual improvements.

Information for Faculty


  • Inform student that testing will take place in Testing Services, and refer her/him to this page if necessary.
  • Complete the Professor Module enrollment form.
  • Log into the Professor Module with the email and password that was set up in the previous step. This is where you can schedule exams.
  • Contact the Accommodated Testing Coordinator if you require special arrangements outside of normal operating hours, or if you have questions or concerns.
  • To better ensure availability for testing within Testing Services, schedule the exams as soon as possible:
    • Option 1: Schedule all exams for the semester at the beginning of the term and attach all exams at that time, or
    • Option 2: Schedule all exams for the semester at the beginning of the term and forward the exams as they become available, or
    • Option 3: Schedule exams as you are able during the semester, with at least two weeks notice (remembering that space is limited and available on a first-come, first-serve basis)

Appointment Scheduling

Faculty members indicate a time frame on the online request form in which the test can be taken. The specific appointment will be made by the Accommodated Testing Coordinator in Testing Services. The Coordinator will contact the student AFTER the online request form has been received in Testing Services.

Faculty have options for testing, if the schedule needed is outside test administration appointment times:

  • Allow the student to take exam during Testing Services hours, even if that differs from the class hours
  • Utilize Remote Proctor Now, which allows students to test after hours. Please note the test must be in Blackboard to use this option. The Remote Proctor Now video explains the process in detail, and is set up entirely by faculty.

Here is helpful information about the roles of Testing Services and Disability Resource Center in this process.

There may be situations where it’s preferable or necessary to administer exams within the department. These include:

  • Exams are not paper/pencil or online (such as ASL, oral exams, piano, lab)
  • Specialized software is needed for the exam
  • The professor needs to be physically available during exam
  • The course is off campus (such as Bowen or Benton)
  • The Testing Center does not have space available at the needed time

If this is the case, please follow the procedure for Accommodated Exams in Academic Departments.

Information for Students


Appointment Scheduling

Testing Services staff will contact you to schedule your exam as soon as they have the information from your professor; ask any questions at that time about accommodations or the testing environment.  If there are any problems with the testing environment at Testing Services, notify their staff before taking the exam, if possible.

Here is helpful information about the roles of Testing Services and Disability Resource Center in this process.

Testing Services


  • Review request form from the professor, and the attached exam
  • Review accommodations in the DRC database
  • Contact student to schedule exam, and discuss accommodations
  • Consult with Disability Resource Center regarding Adaptive Technology (AT), or the conversion of the exam, as needed
  • Administer exam to student
  • Return completed exam to the professor

Contact Information for Accommodated Testing Coordinator

UA Little Rock Office of Testing Services |Student Services Center, Room 315
phone: 501-916-3198 | fax: 501-916-3096 | email:

Disability Resource Center


  • Determine testing accommodations with the student during initial meeting, review and adjust as needed
  • Convert inaccessible exams upon request by Testing Services
  • Provide additional AT as needed (such as CCTV, refreshable Braille)
  • Provide support as needed in administering exams

Consultation to Faculty

The DRC staff are available to provide departmental or individual trainings on designing more inclusive approaches to assessments that allows all students to demonstrate their mastery of the course material in a manner other than exams. Let the DRC know if you’d like to discuss these options further, or if you’d like to make such changes to your course design.