Accommodated Exams in Academic Departments

We recommend you provide Accommodated Exams in Testing Services whenever possible, due to the secure, reliable, predictable and quiet nature of the testing environment.  However, there may be situations where it’s preferable or necessary to administer exams within the department and not in Testing Services.  These include:

  • Exams are not paper/pencil or online (such as ASL, oral exams, piano, lab)
  • Specialized software is needed for the exam
  • The professor needs to be physically available during exam
  • The course is off campus (such as Bowen or Benton)
  • The Testing Center does not have space available at the needed time

For times when the professor doesn’t utilize Testing Services to provide accommodated exams (either by choice or necessity), then the following guidelines are provided.

Instructor responsibilities:

  • If needed, clarify testing accommodation request with the student and/or DRC staff.
  • Coordinate with the student regarding the date and location of exams.
  • Arrange a location that meets the student’s needs for testing; typically in the department’s office suite.
  • If the student uses a DRC laptop to test, coordinate with the DRC so your test can be uploaded to the laptop in an accessible format, and so the DRC can deliver it for the student to use.
  • If “reduced distraction room” is listed and you are uncertain if your location meets that description, ask the student to assess the appropriateness of the room in advance of test day. Please be aware of any changes in the environment that would impact the student’s use of the room (for example, construction just outside the testing room), and respond appropriately.
  • Be available during the exam, or appoint a replacement to be available for the student, during the exam. If you normally answer student questions during exams, you or your proxy need to be available to answer questions for the student receiving the accommodations.
  • For online exams, set up a separate exam in BlackBoard with extended time.
  • For instructors at Bowen School of Law, coordinate with the student and the Dean so that exams can be graded anonymously, as is the case with the rest of the class.

DRC responsibilities:

  • Establish eligibility for testing accommodations.
  • Convert any exams to an accessible format, upon request.
  • Answer any questions from the instructor or student regarding testing accommodations.

Student responsibilities:

  • Request testing accommodations when meeting with DRC staff.
  • Request Faculty Notification Letters from the DRC website.
  • Discuss testing accommodations with professors and answer any questions.
  • A day or two prior to the first exam, remind professor of testing accommodations and confirm the time and location for the exam.
  • If there are problems with the testing accommodations, notify the professor as soon as possible.
  • If testing accommodations need to be revised, contact the DRC staff.
  • For students at Bowen School of Law, discuss the procedure for turning in exams so they can be graded anonymously, as is the case with the rest of the class.

There is a more inclusive approach for students to demonstrate their mastery of the course material than just utilizing exams. This approach has the benefit of not having to set up a separate testing situation for students with disabilities. Let the DRC know if you’d like to discuss these options further, or if you’d like to make such changes to your course design.