Faculty Notification Request Form

We have implemented a new process for requesting faculty notification letters.  Now you will be able to select your classes from a list as well as select the necessary accommodations for each class.

To access the request form please login with your net id here.

The main Dashboard page should show a list of the classes you have registered for.  If it does not, click the “List Accommodations” link.

Step 1: Select the classes you would like faculty notifications for by clicking the checkboxes to the left of the class.

Step 2: Click the button labelled “Step 2 – Continue to Customize your Accommodations.”

This is an image of the letter request page.  Navigate to the box labelled Step 1:  Select classes and check the check boxes for your classes.  Then navigate to the button labelled "Step 2..." and click to continue.

This will take you to the next page where you will select the accommodations that you need for each class.  You will have to make the selections for every class that you are requesting letters for.

Step 3: Click the checkboxes to the left of each accommodation that you need.

Step 4: Click the button labelled “Submit your accommodation request.”

Image of second letter request page.  Navigate to the box labelled "Select Accommodations for..." and check the checkboxes of the desired accommodations.  The navigate to the button labelled "Submit your Accommodation Request" and click to submit.

You have now successfully requested your Faculty Notification Letters.  A copy of the letters will be sent to your UA Little Rock email address.


If you have any problems, please contact our office at 501.916.3143.