Outside Scholarship Processes

Did you receive an outside scholarship award from the community? Congratulations! Now let’s get that award added to your available aid. All outside scholarship checks should be sent to:

UA Little Rock
Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships
SSC 219
2801 S. University Avenue
Little Rock, AR 72204

We ask that the following information be included, if possible:

  • Student’s Full Name
  • Student’s university ID number (T#)
  • Name of scholarship awarded
  • Semesters of disbursement:
    • Scholarships may be applied to Fall only, Spring only, Summer only, or split between semesters. If not specified, the full amount will be split equally between the fall and spring semesters for awards greater than $999.00.
  • Enrollment hours required by the awarding agency of the scholarship(s).
    • The organization may specify how many hours in which a student must be enrolled in order to receive the scholarship. Full-time enrollment is 12 semester hours for undergraduate students and 9 semester hours for graduate and/or law students. If the organization does not specify enrollment requirements, we will assume that part-time enrollment is acceptable.

Does your award require an enrollment verification or accounting statement?

If the awarding agency requires verification of enrollment, please follow the instructions from the Records office. If they require an accounting statement for the semester, please contact Student Accounts at 501-916-3450 or studentaccounts@ualr.edu.

Is your scholarship check made payable to both you AND UA Little Rock?

Sometimes we receive a check made payable to both the student and the institution. When this happens, our office will send you an email to your @ualr.edu email inviting you to endorse the check at the Cashier’s Office located on the first floor of the Student Success Center. We are unable to process your award until this has been done – so the sooner you can get this completed, the sooner we can get it applied to your aid.